Enna Grazier's 2018 Photography Rates

Matt and Enna, by Liana Lehman Hall

Matt and Enna, by Liana Lehman Hall

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am flattered that you reached out to learn more about my work.

It is an honor to witness the amazing stories and celebrations of each of our couples. I take great joy from creating beautiful pictures documenting all of the relationships, emotions, and details that are part of the wedding day.

My photography package pricing is outlined below, along with answers to a few frequently asked questions. Please let me know how I can help you with your photography decision. I would love to make beautiful images documenting your celebration!

Once you've had a chance to read through my prices, please email or call me to let me know what elements you'd like in your package, and to ask any additional questions that you have. If you are ready to hire us, we will set up your package contract in order to finalize the booking and secure your date in our calendar!

Warm wishes,

- Enna Grazier

telephone: 603-777-5169  email: weddings@grazierphotography.com


SHOULD WE DO AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION? While not mandatory, an engagement session is a great way for us to get to know each other! The investment in this time pays off in your wedding images - if you are at all shy or nervous about having your picture taken, the engagement session will put you at ease, and help you feel connected with us right from the start on your wedding day.   

WHEN WILL WE GET THE DIGITAL FILES? The digital files are delivered via online transfer (a download link is emailed to you) as soon as we are finished editing, and they will be in the print-resolution format with no watermark.

CAN WE HIRE YOU FOR EXTRA TIME? Yes, we are happy to provide a quote for additional time. That said, extra time may not be necessary. We will help you map out your timeline as it pertains to photographs so that we can be sure that the schedule allows for relaxed and happy portrait time with you and your family and wedding party. 

DO I NEED 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS? There are many variables that can determine whether or not you need a second photographer. It is best to schedule a phone call or meeting with us to discuss your event and we can help you decide what is best for you.

WILL YOU DO POSED FAMILY PORTRAITS? Yes, believe these are important. We will coordinate with you or your event planner to review the timeline and make a recommendation for the best time for portraits with your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Our goal is to complete these efficiently so that your family (and you) can relax and enjoy themselves at the celebration.  

WHAT IS A FIRST LOOK? We adore first looks, but we don't pressure anyone to do them. A "first look" is industry lingo for doing the couple's portraits before the ceremony. We will make this a fun, romantic, and extremely special part of the day for you. Doing portraits before the ceremony will free you to transition right into "party mode" after the ceremony is over.

IS THERE A TRAVEL FEE? I work all over New England, and my basic rule is that if I cannot safely get myself to or from your wedding in the same day, I require a travel/lodging stipend. I also travel world-wide for events and I am happy to provide a quote for a wedding or photo shoot in a more distant locale.

CAN YOU RECOMMEND OTHER VENDORS FOR OUR WEDDING? Yes! We love recommending our favorite wedding vendors who we know will contribute their rockstar talent and effort to help make your day as perfect as possible. Our A-List list is one of the first things you receive from us after booking with us!

DO WE NEED TO INCLUDE AN ALBUM IN THE PACKAGE? No, you may hire us for photographic coverage only. However, if you know exactly which album you like and want, we encourage you to include it so that we can get started on the design as soon as we are finished editing your wedding photos. We feel strongly that wedding (and other personal photos) should be beautifully printed so that they may be preserved and enjoyed forever in a tangible format.... we don't feel that our work is complete until we are able to deliver a beautiful book or album.

CAN WE SEE MORE WEDDINGS? Sure! Here is a gallery we've put together of several weddings in different types of venues. Please let us know if there's any specific sort of venue, style, or lighting/other technical challenge that you're concerned about or would like to see images of. We're happy to share!

HOW DO WE SECURE YOU? We require 30% of your package with a signed contract to save the date.

WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? Call us at 603-777-5169!! Or email to schedule a time to talk, video chat, or meet in person! We look forward to meeting you and putting together a package that is just right for your day.

Matt & Enna

Matt & Enna

“Holy Cow... those are gorgeous. I had a favorite, but by the time I saw all of them, I couldn’t remember which one it was, they were all so good!”
— Wedding Guest, upon viewing engagement photos
“Not only did we get the best pictures we could’ve dreamed of, on the biggest day of our lives; but we made new friends as well.”
— Debra & Chipper, bride and groom
Hands down - the BEST from day one!!!
— Linsay & Ryan, bride and groom
They have this amazing ability to capture the special emotions that you experience on your wedding day. Simply wonderful... highly recommend them.
— Caitlin & Brian, bride and groom
The Graziers are the real deal!
— Abby Larson, founder of Style Me Pretty
Matt and Enna were superstars on our wedding day and were a joy to work with.
— Karen & Andrew, bride and groom
Their unique and artistically stunning shots perfectly captured the feelings, emotions and energy of the day. They caught expressions on film that are truly are worth a thousand words. I would recommend them to anyone for any occasion.
— Tova & Ithamar, bride and groom
Matt and Enna are always a pleasure to work with! Every time we work with them we are more impressed!
— Rebecca Clark, East Meets West Catering
The Graziers are fabulous! Their images are beautiful, and they are fun to work with!
— Gabrielle Stone, Stone Event Planning
We love working with the Graziers and are as excited to see our work in their images as the brides are to see themselves in their images!
— Honey, Lotus Designs
I LOVE working with the Graziers! Not only do I know that the photographs of the wedding will be amazing, but I know not a single moment will occur without coverage. Matt and Enna are omni-present! They never miss a detail!
— Alexis Eliopoulos O’Mara, Unique Weddings by Alexis