Arielle and Bryan : A Seacoast Engagement

I had an awesome afternoon with Arielle and Bryan on the coast of New Castle just two days ago. During the drive there I was a bit nervous as there was rain falling, and a few drops fell when we first arrived. But luckily the wind blew the clouds out to sea and the setting sun emerged throwing a beautiful warm light under the dark gray blanket of clouds. Their wedding is a year from this week at the Kitz Farm and I can't wait to hang out with them again making more photos of this awesome couple!   

Hilary and David : A Boston Engagement

I met up with Hilary and David a few days ago for their engagement session in Boston. While planning their session a few months ago they mentioned that they would be going to City Hall to apply for the marriage license. I suggested I tag along and document it for them as part of their session and they agreed it would be fun. If you haven't been to Boston City Hall, you are missing out on some seriously dark architecture. But no matter how dark the brick and concrete interior is, the excitement of all the couples applying for their marriage licenses brightens the place up. I loved the filing system with book after book, year after year, of marriage licenses stacked along the walls.  Once they completed their application, and raised their hands to swear that they are who they are and doing this on their own will, we headed towards Boston's North End for some fun photos. It was a real treat and honor for me to witness their application, and I had a lot of fun getting to know them. Their wedding is this May and I can't wait to see them again!

Cheers  ~ Matt

Wedding Photography Now at The Griffin Museum of Photography

Enna and I are excited to announce that we will be on a four studio panel discussing the constantly evolving art and business of wedding photography at The Griffin Museum of Photography on Tuesday May 4.  To be asked by the museum to be on the panel is an honor and we are excited to be sitting on the panel with 3 other great photographers from New England.  If you haven't been to the Griffin Museum you should go for a a visit. The museum was founded by Arthur Griffin who was one of Boston's best photojournalists and the first to run color photos in the Saturday Evening Post.  

Here is the link to register:

And just because it is awesome, the first color portrait of 19 year old rookie Ted Williams by Arthur Griffin