Katherine and Eric : A Boston Engagement Session

Katherine and Eric met in college through mutual friends at Brown University, where they enrolled in organic chemistry together, and joined wind ensemble together. While hiking last April, Eric proposed and the wedding plans began. Luckily for them they have good support from home as they plan their wedding while completing their master degrees at MIT and Harvard - to say they are busy is an understatement. Katherine and Eric are from different parts of the country and their extended families live all over. Most of their friends live in the Northeast, so they decided on a local wedding to show their families the east coast. They settled on Providence (where they met) because while visiting for a college reunion they fell in love with the Roger William Botanical Garden. They loved its outdoor feel while still having a roof - just in case ;) The ceremony will be at The First Unitarian Church, which is right next to Brown's campus and will allow us to do some of their portraits on campus. Their wedding is next April and we are excited to see them celebrating with all of their friends and family together! 

Alyssa & Mark : A Portsmouth NH Engagement Session

"The hot water is broken men's locker room." was Mark's intro line. Alyssa - clearly was no janitor and not allowed in the men's locker room at work wanted to help. Cleverly Mark used the opportunity to introduce himself. Alyssa says that's what triggered the IM'ing, and the spiraling conversations, it all goes back to "the time I fixed the hot water."

Alyssa and Mark met while Alyssa was working a temp position at his office. Alyssa was only there for two months, working reception, and they clicked immediately. When I write this I can't help but think of the TV shoe The Office and the play between Jim and Pam. Alyssa says Mark was very smooth over the interoffice chat too. They soon exchanged numbers, began hanging out after work, and have been together ever since.

To propose Mark took Alyssa to their favorite Italian restaurant, Fiorellas in Newton Ma. After dinner, he mentioned wanting to go get a drink at the restaurant where they had their first date, Ruyi in Lexington Ma. Before entering the restaurant, he dropped to one knee and proposed, Alyssa started shaking, giggled, and nodded her head to say yes. They never went into the restaurant that night. :)  Excited, Alyssa wanted to share the news with her parents who lived nearby, and it turned out to be no surprise to them as Mark had already spoken with them about the proposal in advance.

Alyssa and Mark love to cook together, watch shows like Game of Thrones, Homeland, and lots of Netflix series. They are admittedly huge movie buffs and foodies. On a weekend they might also be out for a hike and/or playing board games. Connect Four is usually how they dispute most of our arguments (winner of the game, wins the argument - pretty sneaky guys). They also like to travel and go to Aruba every year for a little getaway. After spending the weekend raking leaves that sounds good to me right about now. They also have two cats and joke that they are kind of losers and hang out with them a lot.

Alyssa and Mark will be getting married at the Merrimack Valley Golf ClubThey love that it's a very clean, cozy, and beautiful place with stunning grounds and terrific view of the golf course from anywhere there. The inside is dark cherry wood, and has two beautiful stone fire places and fells like home. Inside and out, the club is stunning and really compliments their preppy and clean style.

For their engagement session we hit the streets of Portsmouth NH as the sun went down. It was a gorgeous fall evening and we took advantage of my camera's high ISO ability to shoot some black and whites in the dark.

Mark is really looking forward to seeing Alyssa walk towards him down the aisle, and saying "I do." Alyssa can't wait to see him during the first look, and will be taking it all in and remembering just how amazing their journey has been together. 

Alyssa and Mark love the funny things in life and laugh quite a bit. When asked what is the funniest thing that has happened to them as a couple they reply, "The most recent laughing episode had to do with a spider web. The ceiling above our stair case is WICKED high. I saw a dangling spider web and freaked out (we both hate spiders). I told mark "we have a huge issue" and I needed his help. Since the broom was too short, he got a wet paper towel and started throwing it at the wall. it got stuck high up in the corner. We both were so stunned and couldn't stop laughing with a "what now" reaction. After yelling at him that it was going to take the paint off the walls, the genius duck taped two brooms together, and was able to reach both the webs and the paper towel. We were happy to not have to re paint the wall, slept much better knowing a spider wasn't going to have a sleep over in our bed with us. This is so incredibly lame and stupid, i know- but its the truth! we really have a child like sense of humor!" 

Perfect! Believe me Alyssa, the best couples I've met in life have a child-like sense of humor that comes out when needed :) We can't wait to see you next year celebrating your marriage!!!!

Elizabeth & Jay : A Boston Engagement

Meet Liz and Jay. When Liz called to inquire about wedding photography I remember the infectious laugh and endless excitement in her voice. She told me about how they love to run and hike and travel and... well, you get the idea, the girl has energy for life!

Liz and Jay met at the Cambridge Running Club, a group defined by two things they both love: Cambridge and Running.  Together they train and have run not just road races, but also the Boston Marathon. That is no small task and since it is such a part of their lives together we decided they had to do a shot of them crossing the finishing line together! 

What most would call adventures, Liz calls dates, and they involved winter hiking in the White Mountains.  On the drive home from their first winter hike together they knew it was love when they were already planning out which routes they were going to go back and hike the next day. A moment like that, in a car, can be as special as any trail you can conquer together.

Not to long ago they were backpacking in the Dolomite Mountains - the Italian portion of the Alps - which Liz had been talking about hiking since around the time of their first date. Jay knew he wanted the proposal to be memorable, so being there seemed like the perfect opportunity.  On a clear sunny day, alone on a mountain peak in the Italian Alps, the deal was sealed!   

Since they both attended MIT at the same time (but never met while there!), we did their engagement session along the Charles River, Back Bay, and Copley Sq area.  We started with the Finish line and worked our way towards the river. Of course :) Liz says "On one of our first dates, we established that we were both "Boston people".  We love its history, its pride, and its energy.   We have spent nearly all of our adult lives here."  Liz says of their engagement location choice, "It was pretty perfect, and overlooking our favorite MIT!"

They will be getting married in 2016 at the MIT Chapel with a reception at the Waterworks Museum. The Museum is all things they love and value: educational, historical, environmental, architecturally interesting.  It's an amazing alternative wedding venue and we can't wait to see them celebrating their marriage with family and friends. 

When asked about the funniest thing that has happened to them to date as a couple they laugh and Liz says "Oh man. A couple weeks ago we both showed up for a "date night" wearing the same Boston marathon running shirt: bright yellow!  Poor shy Jay was super embarrassed but I loved our "twin date". "

Have a wonderful winter Liz and Jay and we can't wait to see you in 2016!

Kelly & Tim : A NH Seacoast Engagement

If you ask Kelly and Tim what the funniest thing to happen to them as a couple has been, they say "Almost meeting many many times at Boston University, but never capitalizing on the opportunity." So when I ask how they met, they reply with: "The first time or the time it counted...? :)"

The time Kelly and Tim actually both remember meeting was Octoberfest in Harvard Square in 2007. Tim had just moved back to Boston after college graduation and moved in with a couple of friends. Turns out those friends were also good Boston University friends of Kelly's. Kelly had made plans to attend Octoberfest  and one of them who brought his new roommate Tim. Two weeks and a house party later, they say it was all down hill from there. 

After they had been dating for a while they realized they had been to several of the same parties at Boston University. Tim went there his freshman year (while Kelly was a junior) and then transferred, but kept in touch with some friends. He would come back up to Boston to hang out over the weekend and they were definitely in some of the same places, but Kelly just didn't give him the time of day since Kelly was a senior he was only a sophomore. You gotta love that!

They spent the last weekend of last years winter holiday snow tubing and dinning in Boston's North End where they had their first date. They enjoyed that evening staying up late talking over a special bottle of wine and Tim proposed Sunday evening at home to wrap up an incredible weekend. 

Kelly and Tim love to exploring  Boston & Cambridge by foot and visiting the museums such as the Museum of Science, MFA, etc. They also love good food - definitely food :)

For their engagement session we visited Odiorne Park. It is a short drive from where Tim grew up on the seacoast of NH and the Fall scenery is one of Kelly's favorite parts of living in New England. And since Tim grew up near the beach in NH and Kelly grew up near the beach in San Diego it was also important for them to have pictures on the shore. At the park we ventured on the rocky shore line, through the tall marsh grass, and found some beautiful old black steel doors from the old bunkers.

They will be getting married in 2016 at Hidden Pond in Maine. When asked what drew them to the venue they replied "We think it is a great opportunity to bring everyone together in a luxurious, yet comfortable setting with some strong flair.  By renting the entire resort, we can create a truly special environment for our guests and having them up there for the entire weekend will allow everyone to truly enjoy themselves.  Additionally, the bonfires created throughout the property bring allusion to the many festive bonfires we have had with our friends throughout the years." That's the first time I have ever had a couple tell me about bonfires in their wedding plans! The fabulous ladies of Marrero Events are planning their big day and I know they will do amazing job of creating the perfect atmosphere for Kelly and Tim.

Congratulations on your Engagement Kelly and Tim!! We can not wait to see you at Hidden Pond celebrating with family and friends!!

Samantha & Steven's Mount Washington Wedding

There is something special about the Mount Washington Hotel. I have a deep connection to the mountains but I know that's not  just me. Every time I meet someone who is there for their first time they fall in love with the place. Maybe it's the majesty of the mountain and the valley it sits in. Maybe it's the unpredictable weather and adventurous landscape. Maybe it's knowing that you are settled into a cozy resort far away from any city. No matter what it is that connects people to the place, there rarely is a better reason to go visit than for a wedding.

Samantha and Steven hosted about 200 of their friends and family at the resort for their beautiful fall wedding. The day started with a very cold rain storm that turned to snow, then stopped at the perfect time for some outdoor portraits. It was a black tie affair in the grand ballroom and Samantha was stunning in her gown.


They were wed at Saint Patrick's beautiful church, constructed of stones from nearby rivers, and it was packed with guests and full of love for the couple. 

Samantha's uncle John, a professional videographer, was there to film the day for them.

As if planned, the snow stopped falling during cocktail hour and were able to get outsie for a few portraits.

The Grand Ballroom was beautifully decorated by wedding planner Emily St. Pierre and Florist Emily Herzig.

The toasts were the perfect balance of humor and heart felt emotion to congratulate the couple.

Radiance played music that kept everyone on their feet late into the night.

Congratulations Samantha and Steven!! We hope you had a great honeymoon!!

Cheers ~ Matt & Enna

Planner: Emily St.Pierre of

Florist: Emily Herzig Floral Studio

Gown from: Uniquely Couture

Band: Radiance

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