Rachel & Aaron : a florida keys wedding

When Rachel and Aaron came to meet with us for the first time we connected with them instantly over two things we love in common: travel and eating good food. Our conversation turned from wedding photography to a discussion about cool restaurants we have found around the globe. And as the conversation went on I jumped up and said "wait a minute, I have to show you a cool book!" I ran out of the studio and back with my new favorite coffee table book showcasing the most unique places to stay in the U.S. It turned out that their wedding venue, The Moorings Village and Pierre's restaurant, were featured in the book!  It was fun and exciting and after they booked us we started planning their engagement session that became an evening at their home with an amazing home cooked meal:) Fast forward a year and we are now posting their wedding photos from this magical place on Islamorada. As you can see from our previous post we started the day of their wedding before the sun came up. We enjoyed the sunrise with them,  and then regrouped in the afternoon for the rest of the wedding day. Rachel and Aaron enjoyed the quiet early afternoon alone getting ready together and we stepped out for some portraits in front of their beach front cottage. Soon after that the wedding party and families arrived for photos before heading to the west side of the island for the ceremony and reception. If you know the Keys, you know the coolest thing about them is the ability to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset on beaches, which is exactly what they did. The cocktail hour was timed perfectly to enjoy the sunset and then they went inside to feast on the fine cuisine created by the master chef at Pierre's. The evening ended with dancing and the following day everyone attended a brunch that had a custom crossword that tested everyone's knowledge of the wedding couple and their weekend in the Keys.

Congratulations Rachel & Aaron! It's so fun to be sharing these with you!  ~Matt & Enna

Sunrise at the moorings

Enna and I recently photographed a lovely destination wedding at The Moorings Village on Islamorada on the Florida Keys.  These images were made on the morning of the wedding - Enna and I met Aaron and Rachel at their Moorings cottage and after a healthy dose of caffeine we walked out to the beach for some sunrise pictures. That's right folks, we started our wedding day with them before the sun came up! And it was awesome!!!