We Click 2009!

For the past 3 years Enna and I have hosted a winter retreat for married wedding photographers. It started with us just wanting to get to know two other couples better, then five couples, now six. It went from a 3 bedroom condo to a 7 bedroom room house. Next year we are thinking of getting a 10 bedroom house:) We call it the "unworkshop" because it is not a workshop. Enna and I organize the retreat, but there is no real agenda. We invite them to come, unwind, cook, eat, drink wine (and John's home brew), talk shop, and find inspiration in each other. We may have never met the couple in person before (some were e-friends until the retreat) and are instant best friends the second they walk in the house. We pick one night in which each couple shows a short slide show of their work, and that is really about the only planned activity for all. Some of us go snow shoeing, skiing, or just spend every day in the hot tub:) In the end, we all become incredibly great friends and help each other find new inspiration as artists, business owners, and married couples.

This years attendees were: Christine and Andy from Bello Photography, John and Kim from Sanderson Images, Justin and Mary from Justin Marantz Photography, Laura and Paul from Laura Eaton Photography, and Paul and Krystal from Studio Foto.

Enna and I want to say how honored we are to have such great friends, and how fortunate we feel to be able to get away with you all for those 4 nights that go by way way too fast. ~ Thank you all for coming.

The above image is the entire gang hot tubing it on our second night. Larry and Tabitha Sherrell came to spend the day but had to get home to be with their beautiful baby girl.

Here is Jackson and I at the top of an overlook we hiked to in snow shoes with a small group.

There were many things that happened in those 4 days:) Too many to talk about here. There is a video floating around somewhere of the guys racing out of the hot tub up the hill of snow and tumbling back down the hill into the tub only to discover we had cut up our legs running through the ice crusted snow! OUCH!!!! The big joke from that point on was not to listen to any of my ideas:) Our favorite part of the trip is always the last night, when after enjoying some great wine and a great meal - the tunes get cranking, a little dance party erupts and the cameras finally come out for some crazy fun portraits.

These are all images I shot at our "Last Night Soirée"

John and Kim Sanderson
Laura and Kim
Laura and Paul Eaton
Justin and Mary Marantz
Paul and Krystal McNerney
Christine Ferullo and Andy Beet
Sorry mate - had to post this great shot:)
My beautiful wife:)
Paul Eaton made sure to get me in front of the camera for a few
My toughest model of the night was my best friend Jackson. Sit Jackson! Sit! :)

We may post more later as other images emerge:) I know John has some fun portraits from the last night that he did with unique lighting style that are going to be awesome:) Here is a cool shot by Laura of the coffee mugs Enna and I made for everyone:

Mentoring Sessions for Wedding Photographers

We are pleased to donate our time once again for the Thirst Relief Auction! This year, Enna will be available for a 1.5 hour mentoring session at the WPPI convention in Las Vegas. Alternatively your mentoring session can take place via phone and email, or in Boston any time this spring or summer. Included in the session are a complete set of Grazier Photography's promotional materials, outline of our pricing analysis methods, and a copy of at least one of Enna's favorite business-related books.

Goal-setting, pricing, long-term business planning, marketing & branding, personal values, and artistic vision are all topics that we find especially exciting to discuss, and the mentoring session will be tailored to address the topics that you wish to explore. If you are the winning bidder, we will send you a pre-mentoring session worksheet, so that we can prepare for your session and better address your needs.

Thirst Relief International collaborates with grassroots organizations and programs to provide safe, clean drinking water to those in need around the world.

BONUS: If you're NOT a wedding photographer but still want to participate, we encourage you to make a donation directly to Thirst Relief. Clean water is a necessary commodity for everyone on this planet, and each dollar has a great and tangible impact.

Click here to start bidding on a mentoring session!

A Season to Give

This year, we've heard from more relatives and friends than ever who are opting to make a charitable donation instead of giving holiday gifts. We think this is a great trend, and as our way of thanking all of our blog readers, we've made a donation to Heifer International (in the form of honeybees, Matt's favorite).

Are you thinking of making a charitable gift this winter season? Whether you're making a financial donation or offering your time as a volunteer, we recommend choosing a cause that is meaningful to you - this way you can follow the organization's progress and really get a sense of how your contribution helps over time. In case you're looking for ideas, here are a few causes that are near and dear to our hearts:

Heifer International
Room to Grow
Habitat for Humanity

Your local food pantry and community arts centers are also great options, especially if you want to give within your community.

We count ourselves as deeply lucky that we have wonderful clients who make it possible for us to make a living doing what we love. Thank you to everyone who we work with, who re-blogs our photos, who offers us encouragement and advice, who refers fabulous clients to us, or who simply is a fan - we have each of you to thank for another successful year!

~ Matt & Enna
Grazier Photography