Nicole + Chris | a Keene New Hampshire Adirondack Wedding

Ah we've been holding out on you! For those of you in need of a little color to brighten your February day, we are delighted to share this amazing NH wedding. 

This traditional camp near Keene, New Hampshire provided a perfectly stunning backdrop for Nicole and Chris's wedding festivities. The Adirondack lodge, designed by Augustus Shephard, was a magical stage for the three-day extravaganza. We were dazzled by the unique and nostalgic quality to the property - it is off the utility grid, and it is powered entirely by solar power and natural gas. The lodge even still has its original gaslights!

View the slideshow below, or scroll down to view the images old school style:

image by Tamara Johnson for Grazier Photography

This next picture should tell you everything you need to know about Nicole and Chris... this is the most awesomely amazing and wonderful wedding cake I have EVER seen, and that I ever expect to see. While the adults were in the main tent enjoying the salad course and toasts by the wedding party, little did they know the kids were undertaking a very important mission. The plain white tiered wedding cake needed some dressing up, and boy did these kids step up! Kind of like Murphy's law, they would have continued decorating all night, but when it was time to cut the cake the catering staff carried the cake into the party for all to admire. These kids were so proud of their work, it was just delightful to witness!

The kids couldn't stop admiring (and sampling) their handiwork:

Congratulations Nicole and Chris! We wish you the best in New Delhi... hope we can visit some day!!!
Graphic Design: Nicole Parker
Website: Eun Kim Barron (with Nicole Parker Design)
Printing: invitations, letterpress by Colormark in Carrollton TX
Large Signage: VGS (Visual Graphics Systems), New York City
Small Print Items: MEG Group and  Doremus in New York City
Dress: Vera Wang
Bridesmaid Dresses: BCBG
Groom and Groomsmen Suits: Custom-made in India
Handbag: by Clara Kasavina (gift from the designer)
Florist: Tangerine Creations, Boston
Cake: Ronna Dendron (4-tier undecorated cake)
Catering: Max Ultimate Food, Boston
Lighting: Boston Uplights
Venue: Lakefalls Lodge

Carey & Blake | Turner Hill Wedding

Enna and I are so excited to share Carey and Blake's wedding photos - they were the first couple we met with at the fabulous new Boston Bridal Lounge. The energy and excitement Blake and Carey bring into a room is amazing! As soon as they entered the lounge for our meeting I knew we had to be their photographers! They had the kind of fell-head-over-heels love story that most folks dream of. After being introduced at a New Year's party, a long distance relationship quickly blossomed, sending Blake flying in from California to Boston every chance he could to see his Texas sweetheart. As soon as he was able, he packed up and left California for Boston and when Carey picked him up at Logan Airport Blake knelt down and proposed to her right then and there, on the curb at the airport. Not wanting a long engagement they looked to the ladies at the Boston Bridal Lounge for help. They found that the gorgeous Turner Hill property was available on a perfect date, and the gears of wedding planning were set into motion!

Classic New England fall weather graced their wedding day - it was perfect... well, almost. You could be outside with a jacket, or without, and be fine - it was sunny and there were just a few puffy clouds in the sky. Carey and Blake enjoyed a "first look", meeting each other for portraits before the ceremony. Blake waited for Carey in a pool of light below a grove of tall evergreen trees, and watching Carey literally glow as she walked up to him made us tingle! Just as the ceremony was about to begin a small amount of rain fell on the guests who were all seated and ready for Blake to walk down the aisle. The Turner Hill staff took it all in stride, quickly wiping down the ceremony benches, and the outdoor ceremony proceeded without a hitch (or raindrop!). When Carey marched down the aisle with an ear to ear grin on her face it was perfect!

The timing worked beautifully - since we did Blake and Carey's portraits earlier, after the ceremony we breezed through family and wedding party portraits, and then they were free to go and enjoy the cocktail hour and reception. I just have to say... Blake my friend: you set the bar high for ALL future dancing grooms! Folks, this guy loves to dance and he has the moves to prove it! A special shout out to our new friend and amazing DJ Max Baun of C-Zone Music who rocked the party all night! I also have to throw in some props for Carey and her friends for their spontaneous Texas cheerleading cheers too, totally unexpected and awesome! This wedding album is going to be epic!

Congratulations Carey and Blake!! It was so much fun to be there with you and we can't help but smile when we look at your photos.  ~Matt and Enna

DJ Max Baun

Kristen & Ty | A Wedding at The Four Seasons Mauritius | Destination Wedding Photography

Enna and I recently set a new personal record for distance traveled to a wedding (sorry Munich). We traveled nearly to the opposite side of the globe to document the wedding of an amazing couple, Kristen and Ty. Kristen and Ty reside in New York City and they love to travel. Their apartment is full of beautiful photos of their world adventures. It was totally fitting that they invited their closest family and friends to join them for a week of celebration, golf, adventure, and bocce on the island of Mauritius.  Their families love telling the stories of them traveling to far away countries with a bocce set and after teaching the locals how to play, leaving them with the set to enjoy. I love that!!  :)

Not wanting a big wedding and wanting to incorporate their love of travel for their wedding they looked around for a fun, new, exciting place to invite their families and closest friends to for their wedding. With both families being serious golfers they found the Four Seasons Maritius Resort Anahita. This resort has a world class golf course, a wild beach, and easy access to the local terrain.

The wedding festivities kicked off with a groom's dinner on the beach overlooking the harbor with a bonfire. The following afternoon the wedding ceremony was held on a grassy peninsula overlooking the wild beach with the volcanic mountain spires of Mauritius behind them.

We were there during the change of seasons, from winter to summer, and the clouds would blow by giving us brief rain-showers To counteract this, Kristen's family has a tradition of tying a bottle of gin in a tree for good luck with the weather... every wedding they have done this for has had gorgeous sunny days!

After the ceremony they participated in a Four Seasons Mauritius wedding tradition of planting a tree in the "Love Forest" (which is a lovely grove of different sorts of native trees dedicated to every couple who has been married on the property), then headed over to the clubhouse where giant bats flew overhead as darkness fell. They dined, danced and toasted into the night.

The next two days held local adventure as we all headed out on a sail to the south end of the island to see the volcanic hills up close and do some snorkeling. Spending time with and getting to know both families on these outings was a real treat and just as another small reminder of how small the world is, on the trip we found out that Ty's brother works with one of our grooms, Sanford. Along the way we stopped by a fish farm and watched dolphins circling the nets looking for escapees. Then we hired a speed boat to take us up a river to a waterfall where we watched local boys spending the day entertaining tourists by jumping off the cliffs over the waterfalls into the pools far below. We saw bats sleeping in the trees and wild monkeys coming to the river's edge hoping for some treats. It was beautiful and a ton of fun!

Congratulation Kristen and Ty!! Thank you for inviting us along on your wedding adventure!!  ~ Matt and Enna

the Love Forest



Anna & Geoff | A Wychmere Wedding | Cape Cod Wedding Photography

What better reason to get excited for a Cape Cod wedding than knowing that you have a beautiful summer day at one of the best venues on the Cape? And top that with an amazing couple! Meet Anna and Geoff, two South Boston residents were ready to burn up the dance floor on their wedding night! Friends knew they'd be a good match so they invited them on a ski trip where they immediately hit it off and have been together ever since. Anna's parents have a place on the Cape where they love to visit and so the Wychmere Beach Club was perfect for them. When we arrived at the family home we were welcomed by a wedding party of Pink Flamingos and a very excited Anna ready to start the day. The ceremony was held on the Wychmere lawn over looking the water with the warm summer sun shining down. Joining us for the day was the always fantastic event planner Jamie Bohlin of Cape Cod Celebrations. Check out the love, folks...