Maggie & Eric | Boston Engagement Photography

Maggie and Eric drove up from their home in Hoboken NJ to walk around with me in the neighborhood where they met, Boston's North End. As we walked Maggie showed me the street corner where they were introduced, her old apartment and of course their favorite Italian restaurant! Their wedding will be at The Fruitlands Museum next September and we are hoping the leaves will be full of color for them at that beautiful location! Walking around the North End with a former resident is always a treat as you always get a great tip on place to eat! Looking forward to seeing Maggie and Eric again next September!! Cheers ~ Matt

Tamar & Noah | Connecticut Wedding Photography | Barn Wedding

It was a gorgeous day, the families showered them with love, and we all had a blast. Check out the images of Tamar and Noah's beautiful farm wedding at the Dudley Farm in Guilford Ct. Tamar and Noah were surrounded by everything that is important to them and it was done with perfection. When I first met Tamar and Noah and they told me about their plans, they were  most excited about the combination of the venue and food. Dudley Farm is a very community-minded farm, and chef Jonathan Rapp of Dinners at the Farm serves an amazing organic menu constructed from local and seasonal food. I arrived at the farm early and enjoyed watching Jonathan's team prep the food and visited the community garden that had held up well despite the recent hurricane. Tamar and Noah began the day with a "first look" portrait session with just the two of them. When the guests arrived, the women all greeted Tamar in a beautiful Bedeken, and the men joined for the Tisch. These were followed by a beautiful ceremony that included a special reading of a relative's poem. When everyone gathered under the tent for dinner, the families couldn't help but spontaneously burst into song and dance mixed in with the heartfelt toasts. To wrap the evening we headed to the barn for dancing.

For me this wedding was a long time coming, which probably sounds funny, but is true because event planner Josh Chalmers and I have waited years to work at a wedding together. A few years ago a fellow photographer asked me if I would document a wedding with him and Josh was the planner of that wedding. Josh and I hit it off at that wedding and since then Josh has invited me to contribute to my photography to a few charity events he has done work for such as The Fairy Tale Ball and GreenLight Fund, but the timing was never right for us to collaborate on a wedding together. Working with Josh was such a a treat! He really connects with the couples' personalities and style and creates a very personal event.

Congratulations Tamar and Noah!!!  Your wedding day was gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to be there for you!!   ~  Matt

Jeanne and Tim | A Peabody Essex Museum Wedding

With every couple we meet and photograph there is always one thing that stands out about them more than anything else. With Jeanne and Tim that moment came just moments before we ever made our shutters click, when we met for their engagement session and I asked them what they wanted in their engagement photos. Did they want to be romantic? Sexy? Crazy? They said they wanted to be happy. Awesome. I love that. For me this is the single word that describes them best: Happy. Jeanne and Tim celebrated their wedding at the Peabody Essex Museum, and they enjoyed the beautiful summer day as we visited a few private estates for portraits before heading to the PEM to dance the night away. The disco cover band Booty Vortex totally rocked the house! Often times we are asked to document the wedding for photographers and folks always comment "No pressure eh?" (OK, maybe they don't say "eh") But it's actually a real treat to have such an honor and I mention this not because Jeanne or Tim are photographers, but because Tim is a former documentary film maker who won a student Emmy and several awards for his work! And so now the question is, who filmed their wedding? The one and only Whit Wales! We love working with Whit and you should click here to see his same day edit of their wedding. We also had the pleasure of meeting florist Peter Barter who is an amazing guy with a heart of gold and Jeanne and Tim absolutely loved him!

We loved how easy going these two were and the details Tim thought of (notice the book he's reading). One of the gifts he gave Jeanne was a book full of engagement photos from their e-session with us along with a poem for each image. Towards the end of the evening they opened an ice cream sundae bar which was a perfect way for the guests to cool off and refresh on a hot summer night of dancing. Jeanne and Tim even had "Mr. and Mrs." aprons that they wore to scoop ice cream for their guests.

It was a great day and we loved seeing these two so happy together! We hope you had an amazing trip to Moracco for your honeymoon! Congratulations Jeanne and Tim!  ~Matt and Enna

Farrell and Stefan | newburyport engagement

Meet Farrell and Stefan who will be getting married at the Ocean Edge Resort on the Cape this August. They met two years ago at a friends wedding where Stefan was the best man and Farrell almost didn't attend, but decided last minute to go. As Farrell says " Stefan winked at me during the ceremony... and I was pretty much hooked." Stefan lives in London and for the first year of dating they flew to visit each other once a month before Farrell decided to pack it up and live on the other side of the pond. Shortly after moving in together they sailed to Capri where Stefan surprised her with a marriage proposal. Last October, they flew in from London and surprised Farrell's family with a next day beach wedding ceremony. Farrell says her parents were definitely taken by surprise! Enna and I were not able to attend but had our good friend and fellow photographer Tony Yu meet them at the beach to document the event. Since then they have been traveling back forth looking for an apartment in the city of Boston (or should I call it a flat?) and planning their big day. We had a small window of opportunity to photograph them when they were in the states together and we had big ambitions for this photo session.

Since their relationship has so much traveling involved they wanted an airport as a back drop, but not any airport, something small and romantic. So we received permission to use a small airport with an air museum and when we arrived the thunder and lightning was too severe, so we had to cancel and reschedule for the next morning. Unfortunately the airport was not available for our use the next day so instead we found a beautiful park nearby. Farrell and Stefan arrived ready to ham it up for the camera and even with a few props and we are excited to be sharing these fun images of them with you.