alice... a dining experience

I'm so excited to share another shoot from Stages at One Washington! I've started to think of Chef Hennessey's monthly (ish) dining events as artist portfolios. As an artist it's much easier for me to wrap my head around all of the labor and creative energy that he pours into each event when I consider it this way. This time around I was lucky enough to photograph AND eat the meal. Matt joined me for our meal, and he kept exclaiming that sitting in the kitchen to eat was a theatrical experience... "I don't want to miss a second!" he whispered as he had to excuse himself for just a moment. Everything that we ate was DELICIOUS! we ate "dirt" several different ways... here, charred vegetable ash (which became cheshire cat grins on our plates for the hare course):

the dining room was decorated with a forest of giant flowers and glowing teacups, fit for a crazy tea party:"tea bags", rest and await their course:

the first course, obviously:


aroma of forest fills the dining room:

edible lichen:

the "looking glass"... "egg deviled and deviled egg":mirepoix "sugar cubes" and potato starch "tea bags" await their turtle consome for the "tea" course:

tea must be served with a crumpet, this one a steaming popover with a tender morsel of chicken floating inside:

Scottish hare:

chef prepares plates with Cheshire grins (blackened vegetable dust):

buzz button last bite:


bravo chef on another brilliant meal! Book your seats for an upcoming event here, or sign up for a cooking class!