Crossfit Open 15

 A few years ago I was driving home and noticed a new business sign on the road home. It read "Crossfit Reclamation". I had no idea what this meant so the next time I drove by I slowed down to peer in the windows and I saw the barbells. OK, it's a gym. Every time I drove by I would look and see people lifting weights, or running, or doing things that I had no idea what they were, and they were all doing the same thing together. I was intrigued. So I looked it up online and started reading all about Crossfit. Then I emailed the gym and received an enthusiastic reply from its owner inviting to come in and check it out. I had no idea what I was walking into.

I met with Kathy the owner and we talked about the workouts they do and she was quick to correct my terminology about the "gym". It's not a gym, it's a Box. And they don't work out, they WOD (Workout Of the Day). And to be honest, I didn't need to know much more because I could see that Kathy is just the kind of person you want to be around. Passionate about what she does, she cares about others and wants everyone to live better, and she is just the right amount of crazy. Perfect. So I signed up.

At the box, we work out in groups. We warm up together, practice our form together, cheer each other on as we work out, and no one cleans up/puts away gear, until the last person completes their WOD. It's never easy, and moaning about the WOD is the ongoing joke, but Kathy knows how to corral everyone together and get us motivated to move. We push ourselves and each other to new personal records. Admittedly I'm no rock star at the box. I usually finish last, I have yet to do more than 3 consecutive double-unders, and paleo is just a word I hear. And I'm OK with that. I do the most important thing: I show up. And the amazing community at Crossfit Reclamation supports me, which is what I need in a gym. 

So when my fellow Crossfit comrades participate in a competition, I love being there with my camera documenting them working hard to see how far they have grown. The Crossfit Open 15 concluded a few weeks ago and I documented the final WOD, 15.5. The box was full of energy and the gang worked hard. New PR's were set and in typical fashion, we celebrated with a BBQ post WOD. So here are few of my favorite images from the Open 15.5. There are more on our Grazier Photography FaceBook page if you'd like to see them. Congratulations to Kathy and the gang at Crossfit Reclamation! You guys rocked this years Open!