why not?

I took Ollie and Will for hair cuts yesterday and as we left the barber shop Ollie told me he really wanted a mohawk.  So... when we got home and he brought it up again, Enna gave him the clippers and we had a bit of fun.  Ollie is pretty thrilled and I love this photo Enna took.

Let's Go Celtics!!!!

OK, last night's game was tough to watch :(  But I love this team and know they can do it.  Here's a bit about me and the C's... I grew up without tv for the majority of my childhood.  We had a tv with a vcr and were allowed to watch what we had on tape, but had no cable.  However, when the Celtics would start the playoffs my dad would have the cable turned on so we could watch.  My bro and I would record MTV like mad while we could and in this way we built a video library to watch the rest of the year.  My point is the Celtics are pretty important around here :)  So while we were in Anguilla for a recent wedding with our good friends Alex and Julie of Elysium Productions, I made a bet with Alex (a diehard Lakers fan).  If the Celtics lose I have to take a photo of me in front of the garden wearing a Lakers shirt and smiling, if the Lakers lose Alex has to wear a Celtics shirt and do the same at the Staples center.

Here's a photo of Alex and I during the first game of this series while in Anguilla. Lets go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!