Arielle and Bryan : A Seacoast Engagement

I had an awesome afternoon with Arielle and Bryan on the coast of New Castle just two days ago. During the drive there I was a bit nervous as there was rain falling, and a few drops fell when we first arrived. But luckily the wind blew the clouds out to sea and the setting sun emerged throwing a beautiful warm light under the dark gray blanket of clouds. Their wedding is a year from this week at the Kitz Farm and I can't wait to hang out with them again making more photos of this awesome couple!   

Kelly & Tim : A NH Seacoast Engagement

If you ask Kelly and Tim what the funniest thing to happen to them as a couple has been, they say "Almost meeting many many times at Boston University, but never capitalizing on the opportunity." So when I ask how they met, they reply with: "The first time or the time it counted...? :)"

The time Kelly and Tim actually both remember meeting was Octoberfest in Harvard Square in 2007. Tim had just moved back to Boston after college graduation and moved in with a couple of friends. Turns out those friends were also good Boston University friends of Kelly's. Kelly had made plans to attend Octoberfest  and one of them who brought his new roommate Tim. Two weeks and a house party later, they say it was all down hill from there. 

After they had been dating for a while they realized they had been to several of the same parties at Boston University. Tim went there his freshman year (while Kelly was a junior) and then transferred, but kept in touch with some friends. He would come back up to Boston to hang out over the weekend and they were definitely in some of the same places, but Kelly just didn't give him the time of day since Kelly was a senior he was only a sophomore. You gotta love that!

They spent the last weekend of last years winter holiday snow tubing and dinning in Boston's North End where they had their first date. They enjoyed that evening staying up late talking over a special bottle of wine and Tim proposed Sunday evening at home to wrap up an incredible weekend. 

Kelly and Tim love to exploring  Boston & Cambridge by foot and visiting the museums such as the Museum of Science, MFA, etc. They also love good food - definitely food :)

For their engagement session we visited Odiorne Park. It is a short drive from where Tim grew up on the seacoast of NH and the Fall scenery is one of Kelly's favorite parts of living in New England. And since Tim grew up near the beach in NH and Kelly grew up near the beach in San Diego it was also important for them to have pictures on the shore. At the park we ventured on the rocky shore line, through the tall marsh grass, and found some beautiful old black steel doors from the old bunkers.

They will be getting married in 2016 at Hidden Pond in Maine. When asked what drew them to the venue they replied "We think it is a great opportunity to bring everyone together in a luxurious, yet comfortable setting with some strong flair.  By renting the entire resort, we can create a truly special environment for our guests and having them up there for the entire weekend will allow everyone to truly enjoy themselves.  Additionally, the bonfires created throughout the property bring allusion to the many festive bonfires we have had with our friends throughout the years." That's the first time I have ever had a couple tell me about bonfires in their wedding plans! The fabulous ladies of Marrero Events are planning their big day and I know they will do amazing job of creating the perfect atmosphere for Kelly and Tim.

Congratulations on your Engagement Kelly and Tim!! We can not wait to see you at Hidden Pond celebrating with family and friends!!