Katie & Ben | A Farm Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Photography

Many of you know Enna and I moved out of the city and into the quiet of New Hampshire just over a year ago and with the move came the talk of photographing weddings in our new home town. Little did we expect that it would happen so fast and so close to home! Fort Rock Farm is on the other side of the forrest behind our house where I often take our dog Jackson for walks.  As soon as NH wedding planner Leslie Barbini of The Wedding Belle heard that we were in her area she scheduled a meeting for us with this amazing couple and now we are excited to be sharing their images! Katie and Ben live in NYC, and Katie has deep family roots in NH. Her family farm has been in the family for generations and was not only a perfect backdrop for their day, but also a potent symbol of time, tradition, and love. Katie got ready at her parents' house in Rye with the help of of our good friend Joanne of Joya Beauty before heading to the farm for first look photos with Ben. The ceremony was held in their local church and afterward everyone gathered in the barn for blessings, a brief history of the farm, toasts, and an amazing meal. After the plates were cleared and as folks mingled, the center tables were removed, opening the barn up for a dance floor. Our custom designed photobooth, aka The Luxebooth, was set in the tent next to the barn for guests to enjoy and as the sun set Leslie and her team lined the driveway with paper lanterns. It was a perfect fall day for a wedding and we are excited to be sharing these photos with you!

Congratulations Katie and Ben!!!  ~Matt and Enna

Our photobooth, custom designed by us, was on site!

radio silence

Wondering why we haven't posted to our blog in a while?  The Grazier Family is moving!  We are in the final stages of packing up our house and I'm ready to go curl into a fetal position and wait for it all to be over.   Well, not really: I'm definitely sick and tired of the packing, but so excited about our new home! The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity, and the biggest/most exciting news is that we are moving our family to Exeter, New Hampshire. This beautiful New England town is just an hour from Boston, so living there rather than in the city of Boston won't disrupt our wedding photography business (we actually drive a few hours for most weddings anyway). What it will give us is the lifestyle and pace of a smaller town which is exactly what we want and need for ourselves! As always, the spring is a time for rejuvenation, new inspiration, and rediscovering what motivates us as photographers.  We have a fabulous roster of beautiful couples lined up to photograph this year, and we can't wait to photograph them and share their stories.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about some of the ideas and topics we've been mulling over the winter months...

(pictured:  the glorious bathroom wallpaper in our new house)