Elizabeth & Jay : A Boston Engagement

Meet Liz and Jay. When Liz called to inquire about wedding photography I remember the infectious laugh and endless excitement in her voice. She told me about how they love to run and hike and travel and... well, you get the idea, the girl has energy for life!

Liz and Jay met at the Cambridge Running Club, a group defined by two things they both love: Cambridge and Running.  Together they train and have run not just road races, but also the Boston Marathon. That is no small task and since it is such a part of their lives together we decided they had to do a shot of them crossing the finishing line together! 

What most would call adventures, Liz calls dates, and they involved winter hiking in the White Mountains.  On the drive home from their first winter hike together they knew it was love when they were already planning out which routes they were going to go back and hike the next day. A moment like that, in a car, can be as special as any trail you can conquer together.

Not to long ago they were backpacking in the Dolomite Mountains - the Italian portion of the Alps - which Liz had been talking about hiking since around the time of their first date. Jay knew he wanted the proposal to be memorable, so being there seemed like the perfect opportunity.  On a clear sunny day, alone on a mountain peak in the Italian Alps, the deal was sealed!   

Since they both attended MIT at the same time (but never met while there!), we did their engagement session along the Charles River, Back Bay, and Copley Sq area.  We started with the Finish line and worked our way towards the river. Of course :) Liz says "On one of our first dates, we established that we were both "Boston people".  We love its history, its pride, and its energy.   We have spent nearly all of our adult lives here."  Liz says of their engagement location choice, "It was pretty perfect, and overlooking our favorite MIT!"

They will be getting married in 2016 at the MIT Chapel with a reception at the Waterworks Museum. The Museum is all things they love and value: educational, historical, environmental, architecturally interesting.  It's an amazing alternative wedding venue and we can't wait to see them celebrating their marriage with family and friends. 

When asked about the funniest thing that has happened to them to date as a couple they laugh and Liz says "Oh man. A couple weeks ago we both showed up for a "date night" wearing the same Boston marathon running shirt: bright yellow!  Poor shy Jay was super embarrassed but I loved our "twin date". "

Have a wonderful winter Liz and Jay and we can't wait to see you in 2016!