2016 Weddings in Review

"I just want to meet all of them!" is what one of our beautiful brides said to me recently. She was referring to all the amazing couples we have photographed in 2016 and it was the most perfect statement as it showed that we are doing what we aim to do; photographing our couples to show their personalities and tell their unique stories. Enna and I are so grateful for the year we had! So many amazing couples and moments and we are honored to have been right there to document it. We adore all of you and thank you so much for trusting us to tell your story. It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to a reasonable number, so we decided to keep it only to weddings, and here are our absolute fav's of 2016! Grab a drink, sit back, and we hope you enjoy the images.  Cheers!

Seacoast NH Portraits | Beach Portraits

I grew up on the NH seacoast and I love everything about it. I love the rocky coast, the short stretches of beach, the way rte 1A winds along the coast, the summer shacks offering freshly fried seafood and the cold water that gives your system that gentle shock as you dive in. Now packing the boys up for a dinner on the beach is one of our new loves in life and Enna and I try to make it to the beach with the boys for the day as much as we can. One of the biggest differences with our beaches today as opposed to when I was in high school (I'll leave out the date), is the amount of activity in the water. The beaches have always been busy with swimmers and surfers, but if you were a NH surfer during my school years you were a rare breed, at least more so than today. I love walking down the beach and seeing all the surfers and now I'm seeing kite surfers, which is awesome. My neighbor Tom surfs often and he is one of those that grew up surfing our coast. So I dragged Tom out of the water so I could kick start a body of work I've been thinking of doing for some time; seacoast portraits. What I want to do is create portraits of locals that show their connection to the seacoast, whether that is surfing, tide pooling, sailing, fishing, etc. Young or old, if you're a seacoast NH water lover shoot me an email to inquire about my beach portraits, I'd love to make you one! ~Matt



Body Building Portraits : Integrated Fitness


Now for something completely different on our blog! Meet Jon Arnold, owner of Integrated Fitness in Dover NH and personal trainer Chloe, also from Integrated Fitness. I met up with them on a late afternoon to make a few portraits of them before they compete in a natural body building competition. They both did great in the competition, Jon taking first place over all and Chloe....

alice... a dining experience

I'm so excited to share another shoot from Stages at One Washington! I've started to think of Chef Hennessey's monthly (ish) dining events as artist portfolios. As an artist it's much easier for me to wrap my head around all of the labor and creative energy that he pours into each event when I consider it this way. This time around I was lucky enough to photograph AND eat the meal. Matt joined me for our meal, and he kept exclaiming that sitting in the kitchen to eat was a theatrical experience... "I don't want to miss a second!" he whispered as he had to excuse himself for just a moment. Everything that we ate was DELICIOUS! we ate "dirt" several different ways... here, charred vegetable ash (which became cheshire cat grins on our plates for the hare course):

the dining room was decorated with a forest of giant flowers and glowing teacups, fit for a crazy tea party:"tea bags", rest and await their course:

the first course, obviously:


aroma of forest fills the dining room:

edible lichen:

the "looking glass"... "egg deviled and deviled egg":mirepoix "sugar cubes" and potato starch "tea bags" await their turtle consome for the "tea" course:

tea must be served with a crumpet, this one a steaming popover with a tender morsel of chicken floating inside:

Scottish hare:

chef prepares plates with Cheshire grins (blackened vegetable dust):

buzz button last bite:


bravo chef on another brilliant meal! Book your seats for an upcoming event here, or sign up for a cooking class!

70 and Going Strong

Meet my father, Dr. Russell B. Grazier. I met up with him yesterday to make a photo he needed to promote a talk he'll be doing next month on health. He turned 70 this year and is in great - no - amazing shape. He and my mom started their chiropractic practice in 1968 and are still practicing today (in between their winter hikes). He cares more about people's health than anyone I have ever met. He introduced me to photography by making me carry all his gear to my siblings' marching band performances, and I hated every second of it - as any rebellious teenager will. But he always let me borrow his gear and go shoot whatever I wanted on my own. He grew up in the famous Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of the Bronx and is the son of a NYC fireman. To afford college he joined the army and was in the 101st Airborne. Being a chiropractor was always his first choice of profession. His second was to be a fighter pilot and when he went to see Top Gun in the movie theater for the 12th time in a row, the manager of the theater gave him and his guests free admission (Hey Dad, it comes out in imax 3D next month!). He put four kids through college and while he enjoys wearing a bad tie he can rock the boots and hat. He hates it when I call him "pops" saying it makes him feel old. So I try not to, but I will on the occasion. One of the most important quotes he ever said to me was "It should never hurt to ask, and if does the person is a jerk." But only he didn't use the word "jerk" :)  He also told me to always do what I love to do, and success will follow. Cheers dad!