Carrie and Curt : A Garden Wedding


There is always something special about a backyard wedding. The intimacy. The personal touch of the couple's home. The couple. Truth is, what makes a wedding special isn't if the wedding is in a backyard or in a ballroom that can hold 300; it's always the couple. Carrie and Curt are no exception. From the moment Carrie inquired, to our phone calls to plan the day, I knew I was in for a treat with them. Their home is nestled on the edge of of the woods and the back of the house is a gateway to that environment with a garden full of native wildflowers and stone sculptures by Lew French that invite you to become a part of the outdoors. 

Carrie and Curt had their first look on the stone path that leads into the woods from their home. The weather radar showed rain showers passing by, but they missed us and we had beautiful sun filtering through the openings in the clouds. Guests were welcomed to the ceremony with cold drinks on the back patio. Carrie and Curt entered together through the garden. They opened the ceremony together. It was the first time I have seen a couple do this and it was beautiful and funny as Curt, in perfect accent, recited the priest's opening ceremony line from the Princess Bride (click here if you are not familiar, or just want to chuckle again). Their children contributed with readings and music and Carries college roommate officiated the exchanging of vows and rings. The ceremony ended not with their kiss, but with hugs from everyone there.

Congratulations Carrie and Curt. I was truly honored to be there and I hope to see you both again.

Planning: Top Notch Events

Catering: Kate's table

Flowers: Loctus Events

Photography: Grazier Photography