David Beahm Design: custom, personal, creative

Bloomingdales at Chestnut Hill recently hosted the one and only David Beahm at their store for a one night event in which David talked about his design philosophies and gave brides who attended design consultations for their own wedding.  Those who attended took full advantage of this rare opportunity and were given top notch advice on how to follow their hearts and show their personality to make their wedding uniquely theirs.  I was shooting the event for La Bella Bride Magazine and it will be featured in the next issue.

David prepared an arrangement in person and answered questions while he worked his magic.  The arrangement he created was amazing.  Some of the flowers were presented tied together with a wire horizontally with the roots still attached.  It was a perfect example of how David does not like rules, but instead follows the inspiration that lies deep within himself.

The brides who took him up on offer for a consultation loved every second of it.

Here are two table designs David had arranged for the evening.

Bloomingdales gave gift bags to those who came and look what's inside... La Bella Bride Magazine!