Hooray for Marriage Equality!

Today we celebrate the US Supreme Court's ruling in favor of equal rights for all to marry. We were honored to photograph Grazier Photography's first 'same-sex' wedding in 2006, shortly after same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. It was an amazing day. The wedding was truly not different from any wedding we had shot previously, but the day itself felt vastly different in that the legal right for these two and others like them to marry was a huge and new accomplishment, and this imbued the day with a layer of celebratory emotion that we will never forget. It was an honor to photograph this wonderful couple, and to offer witness to their very normal, humble, and beautiful celebration.

Our job is to witness and photograph a wedding, the deepest commitment two people can make. (Seriously, how lucky are we that we get paid to do this?!) This act of commitment inspires our photography and our own marriage. Photographing our "two-bride" weddings has served to strengthen our understanding that marriage itself is a huge accomplishment - it doesn't matter who the people are, that they have arrived at the point of marrying each other is tremendous.

We celebrate every one of our Grazier Photography couples today.