Alyssa & Mark : A Portsmouth NH Engagement Session

"The hot water is broken men's locker room." was Mark's intro line. Alyssa - clearly was no janitor and not allowed in the men's locker room at work wanted to help. Cleverly Mark used the opportunity to introduce himself. Alyssa says that's what triggered the IM'ing, and the spiraling conversations, it all goes back to "the time I fixed the hot water."

Alyssa and Mark met while Alyssa was working a temp position at his office. Alyssa was only there for two months, working reception, and they clicked immediately. When I write this I can't help but think of the TV shoe The Office and the play between Jim and Pam. Alyssa says Mark was very smooth over the interoffice chat too. They soon exchanged numbers, began hanging out after work, and have been together ever since.

To propose Mark took Alyssa to their favorite Italian restaurant, Fiorellas in Newton Ma. After dinner, he mentioned wanting to go get a drink at the restaurant where they had their first date, Ruyi in Lexington Ma. Before entering the restaurant, he dropped to one knee and proposed, Alyssa started shaking, giggled, and nodded her head to say yes. They never went into the restaurant that night. :)  Excited, Alyssa wanted to share the news with her parents who lived nearby, and it turned out to be no surprise to them as Mark had already spoken with them about the proposal in advance.

Alyssa and Mark love to cook together, watch shows like Game of Thrones, Homeland, and lots of Netflix series. They are admittedly huge movie buffs and foodies. On a weekend they might also be out for a hike and/or playing board games. Connect Four is usually how they dispute most of our arguments (winner of the game, wins the argument - pretty sneaky guys). They also like to travel and go to Aruba every year for a little getaway. After spending the weekend raking leaves that sounds good to me right about now. They also have two cats and joke that they are kind of losers and hang out with them a lot.

Alyssa and Mark will be getting married at the Merrimack Valley Golf ClubThey love that it's a very clean, cozy, and beautiful place with stunning grounds and terrific view of the golf course from anywhere there. The inside is dark cherry wood, and has two beautiful stone fire places and fells like home. Inside and out, the club is stunning and really compliments their preppy and clean style.

For their engagement session we hit the streets of Portsmouth NH as the sun went down. It was a gorgeous fall evening and we took advantage of my camera's high ISO ability to shoot some black and whites in the dark.

Mark is really looking forward to seeing Alyssa walk towards him down the aisle, and saying "I do." Alyssa can't wait to see him during the first look, and will be taking it all in and remembering just how amazing their journey has been together. 

Alyssa and Mark love the funny things in life and laugh quite a bit. When asked what is the funniest thing that has happened to them as a couple they reply, "The most recent laughing episode had to do with a spider web. The ceiling above our stair case is WICKED high. I saw a dangling spider web and freaked out (we both hate spiders). I told mark "we have a huge issue" and I needed his help. Since the broom was too short, he got a wet paper towel and started throwing it at the wall. it got stuck high up in the corner. We both were so stunned and couldn't stop laughing with a "what now" reaction. After yelling at him that it was going to take the paint off the walls, the genius duck taped two brooms together, and was able to reach both the webs and the paper towel. We were happy to not have to re paint the wall, slept much better knowing a spider wasn't going to have a sleep over in our bed with us. This is so incredibly lame and stupid, i know- but its the truth! we really have a child like sense of humor!" 

Perfect! Believe me Alyssa, the best couples I've met in life have a child-like sense of humor that comes out when needed :) We can't wait to see you next year celebrating your marriage!!!!