Will Meets Tuckerman Ravine

Enna and I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July! I just had a special day to wrap up the weekend and want to share. This is the first July 4th weekend without a wedding in about 10 years, so we made big plans to not have any plans! If you live on the east coast you know we started the weekend with hurricane Arthur, but it blew over and the weekend from then on was gorgeous. So with a clear schedule and our oldest son off to camp I decided to take Will Tuckerman to meet the ravine he is named after. So he and I woke at 5am today, hit the road, and climbed the 3 mile hike to the bowl where we had lunch before climbing the headwall towards the peak. We almost made it to the top, but being a first timer Will decided we had gone high enough when we were a few hundred yards from the top. So we enjoyed the view and headed down with the promise to return next year and reach the summit.