Queensberry Album by Grazier Photography | Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding

We are thrilled to share this lovely album that we made for Heather and Matty who got married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. This is a Queensberry album, and we love how creative we can be with Queensberry's flexible design parameters. We like to mix matted and flush-to-the-edge images, and we don't rely on templates for our designs. Here's how we create our album designs, in a nutshell: when designing a page spread, we first choose an "anchor" image. Then we choose images that compliment that anchor image and help tell the story that is on that page. We go through the day designing each page in this way. The end result is a unique work of art, hopefully an heirloom that will become MORE treasured through the years. As for choosing the images that go into the book, we prefer to do that too: we LOVE editing and culling images down to a narrative set, but we've found over the years that this can be an overwhelming part of the album design process for our couples. So, we make the initial image selection and design, then our clients give us feedback on adding or replacing an image here and there. Usually there are just a few tweaks to make and then the design is perfect.

The opening page of this album has a semi-translucent vellum overlay with their names and wedding date.