Liza and Geoff | Gedney Farm Wedding Photography | Rock N Roll Bride

Every now and then Enna and I are asked to photograph a wedding for someone special to us, someone who we have a relationship with. About 5 years ago we met John and Bev Colby at a wedding where their band, The Colbys, were playing, and we were blown away by their performance. Since then we have been referring them like crazy for our own selfish reasons to see them again. We even had them play at my sister's wedding.  So we get to see them at weddings every now and then and over the years we have become friends. Then one day not too long ago John and Bev called asking us if we would photograph their daughter's wedding at the Gedney Farm. Luckily we were available for the date!

Enter Liza and Geoff. I had one phone call with Liza pre-wedding and knew we were in for a treat. Liza and Geoff are madly in love and they live life to the fullest. The outpouring of love and support, laughter and tears from their family and friends endorsed this. Gedney Farm was the perfect venue for their laid back personalities and their rocking reception. The Colbys opened the evening with a set. John and Bev had a little fun with Liza by singing a song they wrote for her before Liza's band, The Liza Colby Sound, took over and rocked their guests. Enna and I were completely blown away by her band's energy and sound! You know what they say, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree! It truly was awesome to be there for our friends and to make these images. We hope you dig them!

Congratulations Liza & Geoff  - Mattion & Enna