Sara and John : Boston Engagement Photography

I love it when couples have fun engagement stories to share! For some it involves a romantic vacation, a favorite restaurant, and for some things completely fall apart and do not go as planned but they find the humor in it and love the memory. Sara and John entered the "The Great Diamond Hunt," a Boston wide scavenger hunt sponsored by E.B. Horn for an engagement ring. They entered with enthusiasm but knowing the odds and when the clues were given they ran to where they thought they should go. The race started at the Commons gazebo and there first clue brought them to Symphony Hall via taxi and after a few more stops landed them in a T station where they found the person with the prize! Their thoughts were that if they won John would propose somewhere else, and that they might exchange or sell the ring and get one they liked. When they returned with one of ten boxes and discovered their box was the winner, John proposed on the spot, they loved the ring and kept it. Now with their wedding at the The Chanler  just a few weeks away we are excited to share their engagement photos! We started with the locations that were involved in the ring hunt before heading to Beacon Hill. The shoot involved two close calls in a cab and a T-Station employee yelling at us which was pretty awesome. We can't wait to see them at their wedding which is being planned by the one and only Unique Weddings by Alexis! Cheers ~ Mattion