Meredith and Josh | Vermont Wedding Photography | A Wedding at the Round Barn

Personalization. That one word makes such a difference at weddings. Meredith and Josh know this and they had a beautiful event! Hosted at the gorgeous Round Barn in Vermont, Meredith and Josh's guests were treated to a night celebrating their love and personalities. They met working as teachers and are incredibly passionate about what they do for a living, as people should be! The wedding had a school theme complete with a school bus, customized pencils, tables named after and decorated for each grade in school (we loved seeing the school portraits of Meredith and Josh at each table), and even a pop quiz! It was a gorgeous day, in fact it was perfect for a wedding in Vermont, with a blue sky and passing fluffy clouds. Meredith and Josh exchanged gifts while getting ready and they also built time into the day for a First Look before the ceremony which allowed them to join their guests for the cocktail hour. The barn was decorated with photos on a clothesline, school supplies, scrabble letters, and other fun things related to their love of school and education. Then there was the real key to any wedding: the guests! Their families and friends were completely in the moment, enjoying every dance song and competing over the pop quiz to see who knew the couple best. The staff at the Round Barn was top notch making sure everything was in order and timely with fabulous food.


Meredith and Josh's A-Team:

Hair and Make-Up : Micaiah Hair

Florists : Schoolhouse Designs

Cake : My Little Cupcake

School Bus : Mountain Transit

Music : Sound Vision