Whitney & Chip | St. Lucia Wedding Photography | Part 1

Whitney & Chip Three years ago Whitney called our studio to inquire about our availability for her sister Georgia's wedding. Whitney works in the media department of the Peabody Essex Museum, where she met Chip, and where she also saw our work from a wedding reception at the Museum. So we scheduled a meeting for her sister and when Georgia and her then fiance Per came to visit it was like meeting old friends. Georgia and Per's wedding was gorgeous and at the end of the night, when Georgia tossed her bouquet, Whitney caught it. Here is a photo of Chip giving Whitney a big kiss when she caught the bouquet.

It will be three years this May since that photo was taken. Georgia and Per now have a beautiful baby boy and live in Salem MA. About 8 months ago Whitney called me to share the exciting news of her engagement to Chip. They had plans for an intimate wedding at the family's cocoa farm on St. Lucia. Of course I was all in! Whitney's mother Laura and her husband Ed graciously hosted me at their guest house on the farm where I quickly felt like I was part of the gang. Every morning, afternoon and evening we gathered on the front porch of the house where the ladies who work on the farm serve their amazing home cooked caribbean meals. The farm grows two species of cocoa as well as flowers, bananas, star fruit, and much much more. Almost all the ingredients they cooked with came from the farm. Terry, the caretaker of the farm, is one of those guys you instantly bond with and before  I knew it he and I were enjoying beers late at night looking at the stars over the Piton with George Jones playing on the stereo with my two housemates for the week, Martha and Rose - two of the craziest ladies I've ever met. Crazy in a good way ;)  Really? ... NO!!!   (sorry folks, inside joke)

Georgia with her beautiful baby boy

Terry opened a cocoa pod for me and the white mucus was very sweet to suck on

The empty bins where they store cocoa beans during harvest. This hand carved wooden shovel is sooo heavy!!!

Cocoa beans on large drying trays. These trays can be rolled out of the building and into the hot sun to dry the beans.

The rehearsal dinner was a held at a rented house nestled on the side of Gros Piton's base, overlooking the bay between the two Pitons. I spent the morning shopping for fresh fish and other produce with Laura and Terry. Terry brought us to an auto service station that sold tires and low and behold, they also offered the best produce! So we stood amongst piles of old tires shopping for gigantic carrots. At the fishing docks the locals got a kick out of me (It may have been my oversized sunglasses that everyone's giving me crud about!) and I got some fun shots of the guys at work.

Martha Martha Martha. Martha is one of Whitney and Chip's best friends (one of my housemates on the island) and a wiz in the kitchen. She spent the day prepping and then cooked up a meal for 30 in no time. Ed chipped in a huge hand prepping the fish and working the grill and as the sun went down the guests arrived and we enjoyed the night. The house that Whitney and Chip rented is open-concept with no walls on the bay side. Each of the three bedrooms along with the kitchen, dining area and living room are all exposed to nature, giving us a  breathtaking view. After dinner everyone enjoyed hanging out by the pool, enjoying the view.

This slide show is a small collection of images of the island, our shopping excursion and the rehearsal dinner. I'll be posting the wedding tomorrow.