Nicole + Chris | a Keene New Hampshire Adirondack Wedding

Ah we've been holding out on you! For those of you in need of a little color to brighten your February day, we are delighted to share this amazing NH wedding. 

This traditional camp near Keene, New Hampshire provided a perfectly stunning backdrop for Nicole and Chris's wedding festivities. The Adirondack lodge, designed by Augustus Shephard, was a magical stage for the three-day extravaganza. We were dazzled by the unique and nostalgic quality to the property - it is off the utility grid, and it is powered entirely by solar power and natural gas. The lodge even still has its original gaslights!

View the slideshow below, or scroll down to view the images old school style:

image by Tamara Johnson for Grazier Photography

This next picture should tell you everything you need to know about Nicole and Chris... this is the most awesomely amazing and wonderful wedding cake I have EVER seen, and that I ever expect to see. While the adults were in the main tent enjoying the salad course and toasts by the wedding party, little did they know the kids were undertaking a very important mission. The plain white tiered wedding cake needed some dressing up, and boy did these kids step up! Kind of like Murphy's law, they would have continued decorating all night, but when it was time to cut the cake the catering staff carried the cake into the party for all to admire. These kids were so proud of their work, it was just delightful to witness!

The kids couldn't stop admiring (and sampling) their handiwork:

Congratulations Nicole and Chris! We wish you the best in New Delhi... hope we can visit some day!!!
Graphic Design: Nicole Parker
Website: Eun Kim Barron (with Nicole Parker Design)
Printing: invitations, letterpress by Colormark in Carrollton TX
Large Signage: VGS (Visual Graphics Systems), New York City
Small Print Items: MEG Group and  Doremus in New York City
Dress: Vera Wang
Bridesmaid Dresses: BCBG
Groom and Groomsmen Suits: Custom-made in India
Handbag: by Clara Kasavina (gift from the designer)
Florist: Tangerine Creations, Boston
Cake: Ronna Dendron (4-tier undecorated cake)
Catering: Max Ultimate Food, Boston
Lighting: Boston Uplights
Venue: Lakefalls Lodge