vendor nod: Winston Flowers | Ritz Carlton Boston Wedding

Did we mention how absolutely lovely the flowers were at Jennie and Rhett's romantic Ritz Carlton Boston wedding? We were bowled over by how elegant, creative, unique, and gorgeous these flowers were! The rich purple palette transformed the space, and when we entered the reception it was like entering another world. The bouquets were a perfect compliment to Jennie's beautiful Ines de Santo gown, and the reception color palette and style were a perfect compliment to Jennie and Rhett's exuberantly romantic celebration. Great job Winston Flowers!

What makes this work fun to photograph:

The flowers' size, shape, and geometry balance the lines of the Ines de Santo gown. We have observed that getting the bouquet size right can be a challenge for many florists! The bouquet has to compliment the line and shape of the bodice and train. It also has to reflect (or enhance) the formality of the occasion and the rest of the wedding party's attire, be comfortable to hold, and of course look beautiful!

The bride's calla lilies are softened by a variety of other complimentary flowers. This is a creative touch that only an experienced florist offers. We love how the swirling petals mirror the fabric rosette on the dress train! And, look at how the bride and groom's flowers are inspired by the soft pink hue of the Ines de Santo gown.

The color palette is bold! Purple! and Blue! Green, and more Purple! Too much purple might look gauche, but the vivid hot colors are tamed into refinement by the cooler purplish-blue buds and the shimmery reflections and distorted views of the room through the tall water-filled cylinders.

The floral selection provides textural intrigue. Some of the individual flowers in these centerpieces would be boring if the whole room were filled with just that one kind of flower, but combined they offer a textural palette that is fascinating to look at.

Clearly, an Artist worked here. The florist has let loose their whimsical and bold artistry, while keeping a refined sensibility. They created a work of art that describes their clients' style and personalities to a tee.