Kristen & Ty | A Wedding at The Four Seasons Mauritius | Destination Wedding Photography

Enna and I recently set a new personal record for distance traveled to a wedding (sorry Munich). We traveled nearly to the opposite side of the globe to document the wedding of an amazing couple, Kristen and Ty. Kristen and Ty reside in New York City and they love to travel. Their apartment is full of beautiful photos of their world adventures. It was totally fitting that they invited their closest family and friends to join them for a week of celebration, golf, adventure, and bocce on the island of Mauritius.  Their families love telling the stories of them traveling to far away countries with a bocce set and after teaching the locals how to play, leaving them with the set to enjoy. I love that!!  :)

Not wanting a big wedding and wanting to incorporate their love of travel for their wedding they looked around for a fun, new, exciting place to invite their families and closest friends to for their wedding. With both families being serious golfers they found the Four Seasons Maritius Resort Anahita. This resort has a world class golf course, a wild beach, and easy access to the local terrain.

The wedding festivities kicked off with a groom's dinner on the beach overlooking the harbor with a bonfire. The following afternoon the wedding ceremony was held on a grassy peninsula overlooking the wild beach with the volcanic mountain spires of Mauritius behind them.

We were there during the change of seasons, from winter to summer, and the clouds would blow by giving us brief rain-showers To counteract this, Kristen's family has a tradition of tying a bottle of gin in a tree for good luck with the weather... every wedding they have done this for has had gorgeous sunny days!

After the ceremony they participated in a Four Seasons Mauritius wedding tradition of planting a tree in the "Love Forest" (which is a lovely grove of different sorts of native trees dedicated to every couple who has been married on the property), then headed over to the clubhouse where giant bats flew overhead as darkness fell. They dined, danced and toasted into the night.

The next two days held local adventure as we all headed out on a sail to the south end of the island to see the volcanic hills up close and do some snorkeling. Spending time with and getting to know both families on these outings was a real treat and just as another small reminder of how small the world is, on the trip we found out that Ty's brother works with one of our grooms, Sanford. Along the way we stopped by a fish farm and watched dolphins circling the nets looking for escapees. Then we hired a speed boat to take us up a river to a waterfall where we watched local boys spending the day entertaining tourists by jumping off the cliffs over the waterfalls into the pools far below. We saw bats sleeping in the trees and wild monkeys coming to the river's edge hoping for some treats. It was beautiful and a ton of fun!

Congratulation Kristen and Ty!! Thank you for inviting us along on your wedding adventure!!  ~ Matt and Enna

the Love Forest