Farrell & Stefan | Cape Cod Beach Party | Ocean's Edge Beach Resort

You may recall Farrell and Stefan from their fun travel-themed engagement session a few months ago. Now we are excited to be sharing images from their wedding weekend! Today we will start with the beach party. Enna and I caught up with them as the sun was setting at Oceans Edge Resort where a large circle of chairs, two fire pits, all the ingredients for s'mores, and the ocean awaited them and their guests after the rehearsal. It was a gorgeous night and the party was a blast with lots of running around, spontaneous outbursts of songs, congo lines and blind folded kissing games. I was especially looking forward to this night as I had yet to meet Farrell and Stefan. Up to that point, we had many great phone conversations, our friend Tony photographed their "first" wedding for me last winter, and Enna met up with them for their engagement session. Despite the fact that I hadn't actually met them yet in person, when we arrived Farrell charged at me with a big hug and Stefan with a beer, and it was like seeing old friends! The folks from Great Britain enjoyed the American tradition of roasting marshmellows and the Americans enjoyed the random outburst of British songs! Check out the fun photos of the gang and the nightscapes Enna and I made, and leave some love in the comments section... Cheers ~ Matt