Farrell and Stefan | newburyport engagement

Meet Farrell and Stefan who will be getting married at the Ocean Edge Resort on the Cape this August. They met two years ago at a friends wedding where Stefan was the best man and Farrell almost didn't attend, but decided last minute to go. As Farrell says " Stefan winked at me during the ceremony... and I was pretty much hooked." Stefan lives in London and for the first year of dating they flew to visit each other once a month before Farrell decided to pack it up and live on the other side of the pond. Shortly after moving in together they sailed to Capri where Stefan surprised her with a marriage proposal. Last October, they flew in from London and surprised Farrell's family with a next day beach wedding ceremony. Farrell says her parents were definitely taken by surprise! Enna and I were not able to attend but had our good friend and fellow photographer Tony Yu meet them at the beach to document the event. Since then they have been traveling back forth looking for an apartment in the city of Boston (or should I call it a flat?) and planning their big day. We had a small window of opportunity to photograph them when they were in the states together and we had big ambitions for this photo session.

Since their relationship has so much traveling involved they wanted an airport as a back drop, but not any airport, something small and romantic. So we received permission to use a small airport with an air museum and when we arrived the thunder and lightning was too severe, so we had to cancel and reschedule for the next morning. Unfortunately the airport was not available for our use the next day so instead we found a beautiful park nearby. Farrell and Stefan arrived ready to ham it up for the camera and even with a few props and we are excited to be sharing these fun images of them with you.