Anya & Stan | a wedding at the commanders mansion

GORKO, GORKO!!!!!!! If you've ever been to a Russian wedding you know this cheer. Gorko means bitter, and it is shouted out after toasts - or whenever the guests feel like shouting it- to wish a sweet life upon the newly weds. Once it is cheered, the couple must kiss for as long as they can and the crowd counts. It is sweet. And Anya and Stan went to 17. The guests at Anya and Stan's wedding made sure that their marriage will be as sweet as possible and I'll bet Anya and Stan's lips were tired the morning after. Anya and Stan tied the knot at the Commanders Mansion in Watertwon MA. I love their "go with the moment" attitude. I truly think if there had been a hurricane and an earthquake on their wedding day they wouldn't have batted an eye. Anya and Stan were guests at Lidiya and Ilya's wedding two years ago, and it's always such a treat to go to a wedding and see folks you already know. Ilya and Lidiya enjoyed getting video of them shoving caviar and shots down my throat! (see why here). Hopefully I'll get the video clip soon and be able to share it. The caviar I could have done without but the shots were pretty good:) The weather was perfect for an early June wedding and the guests danced the night away under the tent. Anya and Stan did something fun to get the crowd pumped up and dancing (the dance floor was already packed and there may have been one or two tables sitting), they had the band announce that Anya had been kidnapped and wouldn't be released until EVERYONE was on the dance floor chanting her name. The place went crazy! Everyone jumped on the floor and started chanting "ANYA, ANYA!"and she came running back into the tent, into the large crowd, and they all danced the night away.

One cool thing I treated myself to: I rented a tilt shift lens from the gang at Lens Pro To Go and had fun making a cool portrait of Anya and Stan in front of a beautiful tree. Check out the image and the rest of our work below...

Congratulations Anya and Stan!!


GORKO! 1,2,3...


Catered by Igor and flowers by Flowers and Finery.