A Golf Tournament for The Heart of Portsmouth

Last Monday I was able to attend an event for a really important cause (sorry Amy, I know you don't like the spotlight, but here it goes).  One of my best friends has heart failure and she is one of the most loved people in our community. She is a single mother of two and was in great health until recently.  Amy is probably reading this and thinking "oh no, Matt's telling the world about me", but how can I not share this? I met Amy when we were freshman in high school and she has spent her whole life working to help others, and so it's fitting that when she needs a hand, when she needs the support of our community, that we are there to help and support her. There have been a few fund raisers over the past year to help Amy with her medical bills, and each time it's amazing to see how many folks come to support her. This past Monday there was a golf tournament fundraiser for Amy at The Links at Outlook, in Berwick Maine. 144 golfers signed up and with the rain coming down fairly steadily during the 8am tee off time we are proud to say that only one team of 4 did not make it to the tournament! We had a 30 minute rain delay and tee'd off at 8:30. Luckily the rain stopped around 9am and while the grounds were soaking wet, the wind was blowing and the sky a dark gray, we stayed relatively dry. Sponsors for the event included Cafe Mediterraneo who also organized the event and had their staff working the event along with DeSefano Architects and Portsmouth Ford, who put a new SUV up as a prize for a hole in one contest. There was also a great silent auction where one very lucky family won a portrait session from us! (I'm anxiously awaiting to find out who that is:)

So I'll wrap this up and stop embarrassing Amy:) Although you weren't able to attend the event Amy, we all had you in our thoughts and some made sure to have one or two or more drinks for you;) We're glad your home and hopefully soaking in the sun!

If you'd like to view the gallery of golfers and purchase a print please click here. All proceeds from print sales will go to Amy!

Much love, Mattion

This is Amy at her sister's ground breaking party about a month ago with her beautiful daughter Tatiana

Amy's sister Lisa keeping dry in the morning rain


My good friend Rich. His wedding was one of the first weddings I ever photographed. Yes, he's taking a practice swing:)


What do you think the guy in the blue shirt is gonna say when he sees this? LOL!


Amy's boyfriend Jeff in the red jacket


It was great to reconnect with so many friends. Here is Kevin Slover putting.


A hole in one wins this SUV from Portsmouth Ford. Unfortunately I don't think anyone made a hole in one, so the truck's back on the lot. :(


Chris Gansburg, who helped organize the event, is a bit intimated by the camera while he's trying to play.


I loved that these guys posed like it was a high school team photo


The Allard brothers, Bob and Champ (Bob is putting). I grew up with Mr. Allard's kids and it's always great to see him.


Amy's cousin Becky, expecting her second baby any day now, kept warm in the SUV prize


There were no prizes for hitting the livestock, which is a good thing.


What this team needed was for Carl the grounds-keeper to ignite some dynamite to sink that put!