Paul & Krystal: simply beautiful wedding in the woods

I first met wedding photographers Paul and Krystal of StudioFoto while photographing a wedding for another wedding photographer couple about 3 years ago. I remember Paul's big smile and equally large hand reaching out to shake mine and introduce himself. We soon found ourselves meeting up at various photographer get-togethers and Enna and I extended an invitation to them to attend our annual Married Wedding Photographers Ski Retreat (Enna and I thought they were married when we invited them! See the blog post here). They are the kind of couple that you instantly bond with and soon they were spending days at our house showing off mad skills in the kitchen and planning more trips together. Last year Paul joined me to photograph a couple climbing a 400 foot cliff to be married at the top (see post here). Then we had the good fortune of both our studios booking weddings on Anguilla for the same date - we were able to share a beach-front apartment for the week that we spent there. It's become rare that more than a few days pass without a phone call to each other- not to mention all the online socializing that happens daily!

A couple of weeks ago Paul and Krytsal finally tied the knot after 10 years of dating! Yay! They chose the serendipitous day of 10-10-10 for their wedding.  It was an amazing event at Paul's parents' home. Paul and Krystal meticulously put the whole day together themselves, creating what could arguably be the greatest DIY wedding of all time. Paul made wooden table that stretched over 20 feet. The chairs were loaned from an antique dealer and each one was different. They collected the china and silverware for two years, creating a crazy quilt of place settings for each guest. They collected keys and old metal Kodak film canisters, and made wooden signs for everything, monogrammed beer glasses, hung windows from trees with their engagement photos on the glass... the list of beautiful projects goes on and on.  It was an honor to be invited to photograph part of the day but Paul was very specific with me: I was to only photograph details so that Enna and I could enjoy the rest of the day as guests. It was great to work with my good friends Carla Ten Eyck, and Jacklyn JAG Studios as the wedding photographers and divide up the duties of the day so we could also enjoy it. It was quite a treat to sit back and experience this wedding as a guest - we were served popcorn as we waited for the ceremony to begin, selected a button on a string to claim our wine glasses, and happily wandered around the woodsy meadow all day and evening.  Enna and our older son Ollie danced the night away (there's a brief glimpse of them dancing in Jim Altieri's video), Will drank about 20 bottles of root beer!!!, and we all gorged ourselves on delicious food and endless desserts. Our wedding gift was the beautiful antique Western Flyer tandem bicycle pictured above that we restored for them.

Congratulation Paul and Krystal ~ We Love You!!!!!  ~Matt, Enna, Ollie, and Will

This last photo is of all the photographers and videographers at the wedding!


Wedding Planner:  Sixpence for Your Shoe

Photography: Grazier Photography, Carla Ten Eyck, JAG Studios

Videos: Jim Altieri, Jeremy White

Flowers: A Modern Garden

Food: Emily's Catering

Cake & Pastries: La Petite France Bakery

Music: The Parkington Sisters and P.V. O'Donnell & His Band, plus sound system/DJ/Karaoke provided by Good Time Karaoke & DJ Entertainment

Photobooth:  Luxebooth

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