the fairy tale ball : the children's museum of southeastern conn.

Last year I was photographing a wedding at Boston's Intercontinental Hotel and had the great fortune of meeting event planner extraordinaire Josh Chalmers. Josh, Enna and I immediately hit it off as we share so many passions in life and the trait of always wanting to do way too much.  Josh is involved in many projects and charities such as Earth 2, Life is Good, and The Green Light Fund. This is the second charity event I have photographed for Josh and can not wait till the next!  The Fairy Tale Ball was a fundraiser for the Children's Museum of Southeastern CT and was held at Sonalysts Studios and the number of event planners, event designers, and caterers involved in this event was amazing!!  Even more amazing was the creative talent the designers brought by using children's books as the themes for their tables:)  If I were to blog an image from each table it would take your computer two days to open this blog entry!! I have picked a few images to share, and listed all the table designers and caterers below so you can check out their sites and find a good match for your big event:) Here is a photo of Josh thanking everyone for attending and contributing:

Josh designed a table from the book Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace

This wasn't a table, it was a sculpture!  Pippi in the South Seas, Designed by Kat Paro of 3 Cats Design

I loved the floating jelly fish as part of the decor for "The Mermaids Treasure" designed by Deborah Dempsey of A Gala Affair

From the book "Don't Throw That Away" by Linda Sample & A Thyme to Cook

Karen Bussen of Karen Bussen Events had an amazing ice sculpture on a mirrored table for "The Snow Queen"

My new good friend Moshe Aelyon put live birds on the table for "Fancy Nancy"

Sarah True of True Event & Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design had floating mirrors and candles for "Beauty and the Beast"

And a dancing Santa!!!  Courtesy of Denise Murphy & Debbie Carmack of The Party Producers who story was "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

You'd think I would have been exhausted after two -three hours of non stop table details, but I could have gone on all night:)  It was such a treat and great eye candy!  Thank you Josh and everyone involved.  And congratulations to the Children's Museum for such a successful evening!!!

Here is the list of links for planning your next event:

A Thyme to Cook : Coastal Gourmet : Gourmet Gallery : Jordan Caterers : La Cuisine : Matthew’s Catering : Perfect Parties Catering/Elizabeth’s Café : Tallulah’s Catering : Moshe Aelyon : Adam’s Garden of Eden/Eden Events : Karen Bussen Events : Earth 2 : Cindy Hackett Cobb & C.J. Lewis : A Gala Affair : Dryden Design : Hana Floral Design : Joshua Friedman & Company : Thames Valley Music School Summer Arts Camp : Toby Heaslip : Heidi Johnson, Purple Suitcas : Cheryl Kling : Karen Mangiacotti & Jason Deeblet : Mark Kimbal Moulton & Karen Hillard Good : The Party Producer’s : Lighthouse Voc-Ed Center : Stacie O’Connell, Creative Endeavors : 3 Cats Design : Burnett’s Landscaping : Montessori Discovery School : Maria Sadler & Victoria Sorensen Mueller : A Thyme to Cook Team : Gayle Solinsky : True Event  : Lucinda Wesson, Chocolate Creative Design : Sheila Welling : Stonington Design + Paperie