Holly & Greg

I met Holly and Greg riding home on the T (Boston's subway).  When I saw them waiting for the train, their unique style caught my eye and I started imagining all the cool photos I could make of them.  It wasn't just their style, but the confidence with which they wore it.  Their style isn't a statement; it's simply who they are.  I introduced myself as a photographer and told them I was interested in photographing them.  Luckily for me, they were dating:)  I gave them my card, asked them to check out my site to make sure I was legitimate, and a few weeks later they called.  It took us several months to find a date that worked for us....  Cold.  Blistery cold.  Last day of January.  At least the sun was out.  We met in their old neighborhood in Allston and had fun with the location. I was having some bad luck with lenses for this shoot.  My 50mm busted shortly before so I replaced it with my 28-70 only to discover that it was having some major attitude problems.  So everything you see here was done with my 20mm and my 70-200mm.  A bit of a challenge but totally manageable.

And a special thank you to Dana Dodson for doing such an amazing job with Holly's make-up!

I found out during the shoot that it was their 5th year anniversary of being together.  They are a great couple and it felt very special to be celebrating their 5th year with this photo shoot.  Can I call it an engagement shoot? I guess we'll all have to wait to find out;)

Check out these fun shots...

It was really great to get to know you two and make these images.  Thank you.  I hope to get you in front of my lens again someday soon!!!!