talia + jon: part ii... the details of their new hampshire mountain wedding

Matt and I fell in love with Talia and Jon when we met them... they are a super fun couple, plus we have a lot in common!  Jon and I each grew up in Oregon (with sort of "out there" but not-quite-hippie parents), and Jon is one of the few people I've met in New England who has heard of and visited my original home town, Halfway, Oregon.  In fact, after our very first meeting, even before they decided to hire us, Jon sent me his snapshots of his most recent visit to Halfway.  His pictures are so beautiful that I have to share (and if anyone is wondering why I've never QUITE settled into city life, this might explain things just a wee bit): JonHalfway1JonHalfway3JonHalfway4

So isn't it fitting that this is the location they chose for their beautiful *and rainy* wedding in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire:

At the end of their ceremony (after they smooched), Talia and Jon surprised their guests with a symbolic gesture that is intended to represent how they must work together - pulling but never pushing - for a successful marriage.  Okay, it was more than a gesture, it was really hard work!  They sawed the end off this log together with such joy, vim, and vigor!  Everyone cheered them on as they sawed, the sky opened up and the rain shifted from light drizzle to a downpour, and there was a collective whoop of joy when the end of the log finally fell to the ground, and Talia and Jon clasped hands and made a dash through the rain to shelter.  This is definitely one of my favorite things I have ever seen at a wedding!

Is this not one of the cutest wedding party members you have ever seen???

Kudos to Talia for choosing comfy AND cute shoes for her wedding day!

And those birch tree centerpieces... well that gets back to everything we have in common with Talia and Jon.  Matt and I used birch tree and rock centerpieces at our wedding too!  Such good taste these two have...

The baker made a cute kayaking pair for the top of the cake, and guests signed a hand-pieced quilt.

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