Stacey & Andrew

This is a photo shoot we have been anxiously anticipating as we have had the pleasure of knowing Stacey for the past few years as one of the amazing teachers at our sons' Mosaic School.  She has had quite the year, first getting promoted to School Director and now is engaged to Andrew!  The past few months have been fun dropping the boys off at school (now only Will is as at the Mosaic School as Ollie has moved on to kindergarten) and seeing how excited Stacey is for her wedding.  Stacey is from Florida and Andrew from Texas, but they decided to have a Boston wedding at the Westin with a Boston theme.  The reception tables will be named after places special to them in Boston - hence the locations of a few of these photos.  After learning Andrew's love for the Cardinals I didn't dare ask to go to Fenway:)  But we did have fun from Copley Square to Beacon Hill to the North End - where Stacey used to reside. Here are a few from the day...







This one I love for the fact that as it was taken while Stacey and Andrew were waiting outside a tinted window for me - They were just snuggling:) Fed7

Beatles or Elvis - Mac or PC - Modern or Mikes! Which are you? Fed8