Sneak Peek: the Rockclimbers' Wedding at Cathedral Ledge!

The past two months have been pretty busy in our studio.  Enna and I did 22 shoots in 8 weeks!  Not all weddings - in fact, less than half were weddings.  The other shoots were engagements, family portraits, and charity work.  Add on top of that the usual to-do list that comes along with a business and having a family and I'm surprised we still have some brown hair on our heads:)  So we are busily editing and trying to find time for sleep and totally stoked about the images we are editing and all the great things ahead of us this fall. I just wrapped up a very special wedding shoot in North Conway NH for the most adorable Russian couple who decided to climb Cathedral Ledge and get married on the top.  The climb was kept top secret from guests and as the guests gathered at the top of the cliff they were surprised to look over and see Lidiya and Ilya making their way up the 400 foot cliff in full wedding attire!  I spent the two days prior to the event learning the skills needed to pull off such a shoot and was right there on the side of the cliff for some amazing shots on the wedding day.  Joining me for the shoot was one of my best friends Paul McNerney and it was such a treat to have Paul (a very experienced climber) along with me.  We had a blast hanging out and climbing together for 3 days.

We had to keep this shoot top secret as the couple did not want their guests getting wind of what was to happen, but as soon as I mentioned it to photographer friends the emails came flooding in "We have to see something NOW!"  So just to tease I have pulled only 2 images out of my folder:)  The first one is Paul smiling as I made my first ascent, and the amazing couple anchored about 100 feet from the top of the cliff.  More to come in a few weeks!