Why we do what we do

Picture 56 Last week we got to do something that we've waited three years for... we delivered Karen and Doug's album.  Karen and Doug had a beautiful wedding day, and Matt and I are proud of how we documented the love and happiness of the day.  However, as happens to many couples after the wedding day, they got carried away with newlywed life: a baby, a new house, big projects at work... suddenly more than two years passed by and they still hadn't gotten around to helping me finish their album!  Karen and I are facebook friends, so we stay in touch and we've followed the birth of each others' children from afar.  Matt and I were really excited when we learned this spring that Karen was pregnant and expecting their second baby.  This excitement was quickly tempered however by news that Karen has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Fortunately her pregnancy has been relatively uneventful (if you don't take the brain tumor into account) and she's almost ready to deliver a healthy baby girl... (yay!!!)  But when we learned that the tumor may not be operable, that she is facing so many unknowns about the treatment and how the tumor might grow, and that she is faced with the prospect of taking care of a newborn baby at the same time as embarking on what's probably a really grueling treatment plan, we decided that we had to act quickly.  The album had been designed for almost three years, and though Karen had mentioned that she might like to move a few pictures around, Matt and I fine-tuned the design and ordered it ourselves... keeping fingers crossed that all the important people would be fairly represented in the layout.

When we started our business one thing that we knew for certain was that we wanted to offer the very best albums we could make.  After much research we settled on Queensberry as our "signature" line.  We've never regretted this decision, and though we've changed up other things in our business and packaging, the Queensberry album has always stayed at the core of what we offer.  Queensberry staff are wonderful - great communication, customer service, and a great product of course, but they've always stated very clearly that they do not "rush" any albums.  For Karen and Doug though we felt that there was some urgency - an album usually takes from 6-10 weeks to produce, depending on what time of year the order is placed.  So we sent our reps a note and also shared Karen's beautifully written blog, asking them if they could just deliver this one album as quickly as possible.

6 days.  That's how long it took for the album to arrive finished on our doorstep. Words cannot express how elated and shocked I was to receive this album so quickly.

So on Friday, just a week after we received the finished album (and a beautiful album, I might add... it's a 15x12 matted beauty, bound in cherry leather, with white mats and berry-colored borders around each image), I made an appointment to visit Karen and Doug to "finish their album design. "  I made it to their house just in time to visit for a half hour or so before they had to leave for a doctor's appointment.  Our younger son Will often tags along when we are running errands or delivering things to our clients, so Karen and Doug must have thought I was crazy when I showed up with just a half hour before they had to leave for a doctor's appointment, and my three year old in tow.  They thought they were going to have to cull through the thousand or so pictures and make decisions about which images to omit or add in, choose a cover material, decide on text... Karen burst into tears the moment that she realized that i was presenting her with a finished album, rather than pulling proof books and album swatchbooks out of my bag.  I'm sure some of those tears were out of relief that she didn't have to worry about choosing more images!  Needless to say, I shed some tears too, and then we proceed to to eat some of Karen's mom's DELICIOUS lemon cake.

Karen and Doug, we can't wait to meet little baby Leah, and we know you're going to treasure sharing this album with her when she is bigger.

If anyone wants to follow Karen's blog, which is a humorous, graceful, and courageous account of what she is going through, it is here: It's All In Her Head

Picture 57Happy Anniversary Karen and Doug, we love you!