Ambitions the size of Antarctica

Ollie-Diaper-SaleWe haven't shared a post about our children recently, so I thought I'd dig out something fun.  A few weeks ago the boys and I were driving back from a swim in a local pond and we saw some "big boys" (meaning bigger than my two boys) selling lemonade by the side of the road.  I bought three cups for a dollar, and tipped the boy who delivered them to me an extra dollar.  As soon as I handed him the extra dollar he turned around and sprinted off between some houses - his friends shouting at him to come back and share the money. image from Quirk Expeditions website

I guess it was a slow day for the lemonade sale!  Apparently this got Ollie to thinking about what HE could sell to make some cool cash.  Matt and I were busy with the usual morning routine - coffee, newspaper, packing lunches - so it took us a while to notice that Ollie had set up his very own sale in front of the house. What was he selling?  Diapers!  We had a bag set aside that we intended to pass on to a friend with a newborn, but Ollie had other plans.  I don't think he had any takers though, because nobody who was out walking a dog that morning had a newborn baby in need of diapers.  So he got his first lesson in supply and demand.

His second business lesson falls under the topic of guerrilla marketing, because when I posted on facebook that he was selling diapers, someone immediately wrote back offering to purchase them (Kylie, we'll make the delivery when school starts up again)!

Now, I'm launching my own guerrilla campaign to collect votes for a competion to win a trip for two to Antarctica with Quirk Expeditions.  Please register and vote for us... we would love to win such a cool prize - we promise to share lots of amazing images and stories if we are selected!