What are you doing for Father's Day?

We are excited to announce our Father's Day gift certificate special!!!


It can be hard for Matt and I to schedule portraits due to our wedding schedule.  However, we LOVE LOVE LOVE to do family portraits, so we are really excited to announce our mini-portrait extravaganza (August 1 & 2) as well as the availability of a few prime weekend dates for portrait sessions.  All of these portrait sessions may be booked by purchasing a gift certificate and then calling us to reserve your time slot.  These sessions are first come first serve, and we'll post here when certain dates are no longer available.

So, use the links below to purchase a Gift Certificate for summer portraits with dad and present it to him on Father's Day (which is this Sunday in case it slipped your mind!)  Feel free to take advantage of this promotion even if it's not going to be a gift for Dad.  Be sure to purchase by Sunday June 14 to take advantage of the discounted session fees, and please note that all of these portrait sessions must be scheduled by September 1, 2009.  After placing your purchase be sure to contact us to reserve your time slot!

Summer Weekend Portrait Extravaganza (mini-portrait sessions) We only do this sort of mini-portrait session once or twice a year.  We weren't going to schedule this until the fall, but due to popular demand we were able to chisel a weekend out of our summer for these sessions.  This is a great opportunity to get fun summer pictures for your home, and even to plan ahead for holiday gifts, cards, and high school senior or bar & bat mitzvah portraits.

August 1 & 2  (Arnold Arboretum)

I have 8 portrait sessions available each day, and each portrait session is about 45 minutes.  This is a perfect length of time to either document a fun family romp in the woods, or to do a set of casually posed family portraits.  Add on a keepsake 20-side book and we'll throw in a print credit for $100.

Mini Portrait Sessions August 1-2, 2009

Environmental Portrait Session Gift Certificate (extended portrait session)

This is my favorite way to collaborate with my portrait clients: an extended portrait session.  We will spend some time at the beginning of our session getting the "must-have" casually posed portraits, and then I will continue to capture your family in a documentary style.  This is a great time to break out favorite toys, activities, and just go about your everyday routine.

Environmental Portrait Session (Gift Certificate)


This image is one of my favorite family portraits ever!  It's not the traditionally expected portrait: you can't see anyone's face clearly, and it's not even a perspective from which I would normally photograph a baby... but it's wonderful because it captures the brand new relationship of baby and his big brother, it shows mom's joy and dad's pride, and it conveys the intimacy of the moment.  It shows everything that I work to capture in my portraits:  emotion, relationships, love, connections, and the fleeting special moments that are often only recognized when we see them captured in a photograph.

P.S.  ~  Scheduling Your Session

Summer has a tendency to fly by, so we are sharing our available dates for summer portrait sessions here.  We have a lot more flexibility for weekday sessions, but if you want a weekend session be sure to call or email us to reserve your time slot right away.  Here are the WEEKEND  dates that we have available for portraits:

June 28 (Sunday) July 25 (Saturday) July 26 (Sunday) August 9 (Sunday) August 23 (Sunday)