Thanks for the chocolate, baby!

picture-27 I love it when parents give "baby favors" to their friends... my cousin Keelin and her husband Joe sent us home with a handful of Hershey's private label chocolate bars. Mmmm.... they lasted for oh, 20 miles or so. Garrett is child #4 in this busy family, so Keelin and Joe invited about 12 of us over for a pizza party to celebrate Garrett's homecoming. Definitely not something to try for a first baby's homecoming but K and J are awesome parents and totally have this routine down pat. :)

Baby Garrett is absolutely gorgeous (despite his super speedy delivery), and I can't wait to watch him grow up with his big brother Forrest and big sisters Katie and Kelsey.

Here's a slideshow of his complete portrait session... Keelin and I snuck away for about 10 minutes while everyone else ate, and all of these pics were made during that time!  (grab some kleenex Keelin!)

picture-48Be sure and select the 'full screen' icon  in the lower right corner of the slideshow for maximum viewing pleasure!