Yes we are home:)

As many know Enna and I were recently gone for a week, and we are very anxious to blog the wedding we shot in Anguilla. We have been crazy busy this week catching up and taking Ollie (our 4 year old son) to school interviews. That's right, the schools interview the kids for kindergarten. The Boston school system (public and private) is crazy, I just can't believe how much time we have invested into this. We have found some really amazing schools, and are keeping our fingers crossed that he will be admitted to one of them, or that we win the public school lottery and get one of the top three of our choice (that's how it works in Boston). I feel like I now belong to an underground club, like Fight Club:) Example... I went to see my tailor and as he was pinning my suit the small talk was about the school interviews. Everywhere I go this is now the topic of choice with those I meet. Somehow we just know that we each have kids being interviewed and the conversation starts. Crazy. So we'll be posting some fun images soon and catching up on our blog this week. Until then I wanted to share this note from our accountant John Schacter with you all...

Massachusetts is willing to grant businesses half of the price - to a
maximum of $20,000 per vehicle - to acquire a plug-in hybrid. In other
words, they will give you money if you buy plug-in cars for your company. To
get this free money, apply by February 13 2009. Here is a link to detailed

If you need an accountant, John is the best:) He works for a lot of artists!