Lindsay & Matt

Sometimes love is like a train that can not be stopped, and this is the case for Lindsay and Matt. Lindsay and Matt were high school sweet hearts who had an incredible winter wedding at the Chatham Bars Inn on cape Cod just before Christmas. The outpouring of warm emotional support from family and friends beat out the gusty cold winter winds so much that Lindsay couldn't keep herself from kicking off her shoes and stepping into the freezing North Atlantic waters... a symbolic gesture of her love for their home on the Cape. Here are few of our favorites from their wedding day...


The Inn had a huge ginger bread display in the lobby and I couldn't resist getting a fun ring shot with the fisherman on the sugar beach.

Then I saw the catch of the day (slap knee, haha):

The best wedding crashers I've ever seen:) The fire department was called in after a bridesmaid's shawl was accidentally tossed over a table candle and went up in flames.

This shot is straight out of the camera.

Thank you Lindsay and Matt for inviting us to be such a part of your wedding day!!