School Picture Time!

I love photographing kids.

This year I got the special privilege of doing school portraits for BOTH of our sons, as they are at the same preschool. I probably won't get the chance to do both boys' school portraits again, because next year Ollie starts kindergarten so they will be in separate schools. As much as I love doing school portraits, I cannot imagine photographing all the students at a school much larger than their preschool. So right now, school portraits are a special service that we only make available to very small and very special schools (special = our boys go there).

Hee hee, check out Will's haircut! :) Ollie insisted on wearing his hat - he let me take a couple without it, but I like his expression here.

We are available however for family portrait sessions. We have a VERY limited number of times and days that we can do more family portrait sessions this fall. So definitely contact us soon if you wish to schedule a portrait session in time for the holidays!

Our gift certificates are also a fabulous way to give someone the gift of photography. A gift certificate may be used towards a portrait session or albums and other products.