A Wedding at the Intercontinental

I recently received a phone call from a CT photographer I hadn't met before asking me to second shoot with him for a wedding planned by Josh Chalmers of Hey Cinderella at the InterContinental Hotel here in Boston. I was originally planning on going to Maine for the day with friends for a photographers shoot-out, but I love shooting weddings with other photographers and... how often do I get a chance to be a second shooter? So I had a blast shooting this wedding with Kiva Sutton. The bride and groom, Lesley & Harold, were beautiful people and everyone there was incredibly excited for them - it was great:)

Here are a few from the day

What stood out to me the most throughout the day was the amount of love and support the bride and groom had from family and friends. I loved making this image of Harold's hands being held by all the men in his wedding party.

Harold and his brother

The ladies get ready to exit the bridal suite

Lesley looking amazing in her gown

Just before Lesley left the suite I noticed the video guy had his LCD turned around and I was able to get this cool shot

The Chapel at BU

This DJ rocked! I'll have to get his info from Josh:)

I love this shot of a couple dipping on the edge of the floor

Congratulations Lesley and Harold!!! And thanks for inviting me along Kiva, it was a great wedding to shoot!