Oanh & Patrick - Let it Rain!!

Oanh and Patrick invested a lot of time planning their special day. They were referred to us by Laura & Rebecca, whose wedding seems so long ago now. At the time Enna and I were living in our little apartment with two baby boys when Oanh brought her siblings, nieces and nephews along for the visit. The living room was packed with people, every chair in the apartment was being used and we all had a great time getting to know each other. Then about 6, maybe 8 months passed. We hadn't heard back from them and were thinking they hired another photographer when we suddenly got a phone call from Patrick, "are you still available for our date?" We were thrilled to hear from them and even more excited to still be available for their date. They both drove to meet us at a wedding show in Newport RI that weekend to retain us and they decided to hang out at our booth and talk us up all day to the visiting couples. It was incredibly sweet of them. It turns out, according to Patrick, they had taken their time shopping around and interviewing other studios, but after 6 months or so of research, decided they liked us best. I was beside myself when he told me this. So now, almost 2 years since we met, we are proud to show off the images from their beautiful wedding at Glen Manor:)

An awesome shot taken by Enna during their first look.

Oanh's fabulous shoes:

Oanh and Patrick refused to let the rain stop them from having portraits outside. Never before had I seen two people so happy and having so much fun getting soaked. Here they are rushing back for cover when the rain became torrential downpours! Enna had an umbrella, but I just got soaked. Good thing Nikons are weather proof!

Oanh retouching after being out in the rain

Nothing but attitude:)

One of my new all time favorite bridal portraits!

At the end of the evening they both dressed in traditional Vietnamese wedding attire

Patrick cutting loose on the dance floor!

At the end of the night I caught this intimate moment on the patio: