Jill & Allen, a Caramoor Wedding

Jill and Allen were married at the Caramoor Music and Arts Center in NY. This was one of the most beautiful wedding settings we have ever seen! Sunlight filtered down through the trees and cast everything in clean yellow light. In the week before the wedding we were so worried that we would have to shoot the day in a hurricane, but fortunately for Jill and Allen, the hurricane blew by the day before, and there wasn't a sign of the storm except for the sparkling fresh air.

Here are a few highlights from the day... Jill and Allen you were a joy for us to photograph!

The happy couple:

Another great "1st look" image by Enna:

Allen working on his vows:

Jill looking beautiful:

Allen looking very suave before the ceremony:

I was inspired by my good friend and mentor for this shot - photographer David H. Wells, who emphasizes the importance of light, shadow, and motion:

This is the kind of image that we live for: I got this shot of Allen's mom completely in the moment and very emotional:

Enna was quick to see and catch Allen's mom holding his hand and feeling the new ring on his finger. Just beautiful.

I was asked to be a witness and sign their marriage certificate after the ceremony (an honor for me).

Last but not least, I have to post these 4 ladies who were all great sports and enjoyed being caught in matching outfits!

Thank you Jill and Allen - it was an honor to be your photographers!