Anna & David

Anna & David were recently married at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Ma. Anna had her family fly in from Russia, and David's family lucked out as they were mostly local:) I loved the excitement Anna and David couldn't hide. Anna had this huge smile plastered across her face all day and David was anxiously cool. Here are a few from the day:

In the back of the temple I found this classroom and snuck the two of them away from the guests for this fun shot.

A detail of Anna's dress

David, maybe out of nerves, sat down just before Anna came out for the first look. I love this shot as she leans over to kiss him and he has that huge grin on his face.

David's mom Robbie planned the event and did an amazing job. She and I have gotten to know each other very well over the past few months and her reading during the ceremony was a tear-jerker.

I love this shot of Mark, FOTG (father of the groom, yes that is wedding photograper lingo)

These little ones were standing behind me every time I turned around ready for their close-up. So they deserve a blog image for their perseverance alone. But I also love the shot:)

What I love about this image isn't just that they are holding hands, but look at Davids other hand. It is clenched so tight as he listens to the emotional toasts being given.

There is a bride and groom under there:)

Mozel Tov Anna and David!! Thank you for inviting me to be such a part of your day!