A Wedding in Mexico

This was a tough wedding to blog about - I started with about 30 images that I wanted to post, but had to narrow it down as that would be a very long blog post! I spent a week in Cancun Mexico with Dilnaz and Joe to photograph their wedding. They live in California, so we had not met in person until I arrived in Cancun. We immediately clicked and enjoyed a week of dinners, clubbing, sight-seeing, and of course...celebrating their wedding! The weather was great. Rain lingered the first day I was there, but after that it was nothing but sunshine (and high humidity). We swam with dolphins, saw Mayan ruins, snorkeled, swam in a huge underground sink hole, and missed our chance to go diving with whale sharks due to staying out too late the night before.

Dilnaz and Joe actually eloped about a year ago, but then decided they needed to have a wedding celebration. So they invited their family and closest friends to spend a week with them in Cancun. The months leading up to the event were not easy as Dilnaz's mother passed away. Then Dilnaz, her sister, and Joe became very ill while traveling to India for the funeral. Nonetheless the wedding was a very special week for them and it was an honor for me to be there to document it.

Their invitation

The dolphins jumping over Dilnaz and Joe. The dolphin pool was right below the balcony of our rooms.

The cave. This is actually a sink hole. We drove for a few hours to get there and at the entrance there is a well with a spiral staircase going down. We went down about 75 feet and it opened up to this amazing site. The water was perfect!

Dilnaz at the rehearsal dinner with a gun.

Joe jumps in with a change of props for a fun shot

Dilnaz making her way down the steps

Uninvited guest

The ceremony was beautiful on this ocean cliff

Resort photographer and video guy. This is how I had to shoot, but I managed:)

A cool shot of the ladies sporting the "just married" shades

I caught this quick detail of Dilnaz walking on the rocks. how women do this with heels is beyond me

A quick roll in the sand for fun

Congratulation Dilnaz and Joe!!! I had so much fun. I enjoyed meeting your friends and family and I hope to cross paths with you all again soon. ~Matt