When Art and Science Collide

One of the most flattering compliments we receive as wedding photographers is when another wedding vendor asks us to do a portrait for them. We know the vendors we work with see a lot of photography, and to know they love our work and want it for themselves means the world to us.

Meet Shelley and Jacob. Shelley is our favorite letter press printer. She is an artist who has a great eye for composition, colors, and quality. Her studio, Albertine Press, not only does our business cards, but also customized the beautiful envelopes we use to mail our DVD portfolios. We love to see her creations at weddings when our couples have her create one of a kind table cards, invitations, and other items for their wedding day. Jacob is Shelley's husband. To say Jacob likes science would be an understatement. In the hour I spent photographing he and Shelley at the Boston Museum of Science, I learned more about the exhibits than I have in the many many mornings I have spent there as a museum member with our two boys:) Jacob is a physicist and currently working on his phd at Harvard University.

Our shoot started at the Science Museum, where Jacob loves to visit, and wrapped up in the historic Beacon Hill area of Boston. Here are a few from the day:

Shelly & Jacob at the museum's interactive map:

I love this shot of them in the space capsule. I lit the interior with a remote flash to give it some realism.

This is a shot of Shelley at the angled mirrors display.

Which way should we go? Standing on the line between Boston and Cambridge:)

I loved incorporating this leaning lamp post into a shot.

Check out this cobblestone road. I was so stoked when we stumbled across it. I love how the grass is growing between the stones.

Tomorrow I get to visit Shelley's studio to go over some new work she'll be doing for us. It's always fun to see her studio with the old press in action. Thank you Shelley and Jacob for asking us to do these portraits for you! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!